Sunday 18 December 2022

Sunday, 18-12-22: Christmas challenge day 18

Morning, everyone.  Not a great start to the day, posting the content of my other, 'Day in my Life' type blog in here my mistake.  Sorry, folks!!

Starting again!

I only have one photo from yesterday, the Christmas dinner I made for me and my friend.  I expect my proper Christmas Dinner will be much the same, mostly pretty healthy, loads of veg with just a few other bits and bobs.  We enjoyed it very much.

Today's plans:
B:  hot buttered toast.
I know, naughty.  It was white bread too.
Because I had a guest, I made some bread (which was delicious) and it does need to be used.  The butter was leftovers from some baking I did.

L:  pizza, salad, coleslaw; fruit
Leftovers from yesterday

D:  leftovers of Christmas dinner
This, at least, should be on plan!

E:  a Lindsey YouTube routine or two

I can't do a SW summary today because of all the leftover bits and bobs.  Back on it tomorrow!

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