Thursday 15 December 2022

Thursday, 15-12-22: Christmas challenge day 15

   Good morning to you!

More healthy habits for Christmas
Don't expect too much of yourself.
There's no point running yourself into the ground to achieve 'The Perfect Christmas'.  Those sharing it with you won't care one way or another - or, if they do, let them do it instead.  Be sensible and pace things -  do the absolute essentials, sure, but the rest - do them if you want, don't if you don't.  Focus on yourself and what you need to keep yourself healthy and rested.  You will enjoy it all so much more.

Yesterday's meals:

A very acceptable breakfast on such a cold winter morning.  Porridge is such a comfort food, isn't it?
This is a naughty extra.  Well, actually, no it isn't really.
I ordered a milk frother thingy which came yesterday.  The first thing I tried was this - an options hot chocolate (two syns) plus some milk from my healthy extra A allowance and half a little square of grated chocolate (grate chocolate and, visually, it goes a long way, like cheese) and some grated nutmeg.

It was nice.  Not terribly warm though so next time I will try just frothing the minimum amount, making up the drink with boiling water as directed and adding the froth to the top.  It has to be a lot more healthy than squirty cream, for sure and really does work with SW

And now I need to try an espresso, latte macchiato or latte - and I'm reading from the book here because I'm not one for coffee shops and fancy coffees much.

Do you have something like this?  What do you make with it?
This is always nice - a Simply Cook pasta alla rustica.  I enjoyed it very much, even though the pasta was overcooked (my fault entirely).
In the end, I decided on chips to go with my curry and it was really good.

Today's plans:

B:  fruit

L:  chicken, brie and cranberry toasties with salad; mince pie.
I have a friend to lunch and this is what we are having.  I might give the mince pie a miss and have easy peelers instead.

D:  really not sure because I will be out from six to seven.  Perhaps something from the freezer - maybe a SW meal.

E:  rest day today

Unsure as I won't really be on plan today.

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