Sunday 4 December 2022

Sunday, 04-2-22: Christmas Challenge day four

Good morning to you!
We're well into Advent, today being the second Sunday in Advent and the * Christmas Challenge is off to a good start.  My Christmas tree went up yesterday and I'm feeling the festive vibe good and proper.  Hopefully, my meal choices are reflecting this as well as being Slimming World friendly.
Ten Healthy Habits for Christmas
No 4.  Get moving
Whether it's a walk, gym class or simply some stretching in front of the TV, be sure to exercise daily.  With the colder weather, it's easier than ever to get cooped up, but movement is so important for maintaining energy, relieving stress and supporting mental well-being.
Yesterday's meal photos:
Yesterday, of course, was not on plan in the evening but it was jolly good all the same.

Breakfast was leftovers of the kedgeree and I did a poached egg which was pretty successful (They aren't always which is why I rarely make poached eggs).

I didn't plan a lunch because of the evening but I did snatch a few grapes when I set them out!

These next two photos are the best of a bad lot.  

This was the cocktail - nothing too fancy but it was lovely.  Peach puree, a splash of bitters, a splash of peach schnapps (not Archers but a cheaper version!) and topped up with prosecco.

Apologies for this - my camera didn't like the lighting.
It was delicious and, to my delights, there is precious little left.  There's some ham, a bit of salad
and some fruit.  The rest all got eaten.
I was pleased that the veggie sausage rolls were well up to their usual standard and as for the mince pie - mmmmm.  I just had one and so did Alex and I won't be ashamed of bringing them to the table later on this month.

It was all lovely but it's also great to be getting straight back on track today.

Today's plans:

B:  fruit
I'm really not feeling at all hungry at the moment so I think fruit will be my best bet - I have pineapple, melon, grapes, apples, oranges, bananas, raspberries and blueberries so I should be able to make a nice picky fruit bowl out of that lot.
SW:  speed and free, no syns

L:  slow roast turkey dinner - turkey, cranberry sauce, roasties and veg
I got a leg and thigh pack in Morrisons, not all that expensive, this week.  The thigh is in the freezer and I am going to slow roast the leg for dinner today, jazzing it up with one little pig in a blanket, some roasties and some sprouts with bacon and chestnut - I've never had that last before but everyone says it is lovely so I'll give it a try!
The remaining meat off the turkey drumstick (which is HUGE) should give me a few good meals more this week, not to mention the stock.
SW:  OK - I'm counting three syns for the piggie, one for a chestnut, the cranberry sauce is hm and free (I don't syn cooked fruit) and I think the rest is all speed/free

D:  leek, broccoli and butterbean soup; yogurt
I boiled a small ham yesterday and, for once, the stock has come out very tasty (it doesn't always) so I'm using half in this soup and half goes in the freezer for another time.  I have the end of a leek and a couple of broccoli stalks (the best bit in terms of flavour, I think) amd some butterbeans brings the whole thing together and gives it a sort of cohesion.
I'll probably add some shreds of ham and turkey to the finished soup for more protein and texture.  Lovely!
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt but the rest should be syn free

Exercise:  Some Lindsey given exercise today - I need to move as I'm full of cold and it would be too easy to just sit and mope!  

No healthy extras, unless I grated some cheese for the soup
four and a half syns

* The Christmas Challenge is to have at least one meal each day with a Christmas Festive vibe to it while staying within the Slimming World Plan.
Please feel free to copy/use anything you see and like.  

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