Monday 26 December 2022

Monday, 26-12-22: Boxing Day

 Morning, one and all.  It's Boxing Day and the festive madness is nearly over.  How has it all gone for you?  Did you manage to stick to pretty healthy food?  I didn't - what a surprise (not).

I have a few photos so, in an effort to get back to some sort of normality, here we go:

Yesterday's food:

Breakfast and, simple as it was, I really enjoyed it.  Just to say the holly isn't real - in case anyone was wondering about toxicity, etc.
Just a roast dinner, a little bit more elaborate than usual but even so . . .

No body had any room left for dessert . . .
. . . or tea, really, although we tried.  This was good and simple, just crackers and cheese followed by a mince pie.  Not a healthy mouthful in sight.

Somehow, during the day, we managed to polish off a small box of posh chocolates too.  And the bottle of Bucks Fizz.  Not the champagne though - I am the only one who likes it  so it is still intact and I'll open it when Dave and Anna next come round.
Today's meal plans:

B:  American pancakes, fruit and squirty cream
I've been looking forward to real American pancakes for ages so that's what I'm having.

L:  I have two friends of Beth round for lunch as well as Beth and Alex but Beth's doing a lot of this meal.  My share is turkey (plenty left over, three cheers) and a vegetarian savoury crumble.
This could be remotely healthy, to be fair.

D:  turkey sandwich, salady bits; fruit
I think I will be on my own, in peace and quiet, so I can keep it simple.  I will use cheese spread instead of butter and, probably, a bit of cranberry sauce, if there's any left.

I am so looking forward to getting back to normal again tomorrow.

(in case anyone notices, yes, I am writing this very early - I couldn't sleep )

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