Monday 12 December 2022

Monday, 12-12-22: Christmas challenge day 12

  Good morning to you!
We has snow!  Most unusual for round here.  We definitely need warm and comforting food here today!

More healthy habits for Christmas
Don't leave the house hungry
We tend to do more shopping, more socialising, more partying this month.  We're likely to be surrounded by food that we would normally not consider or even see during the rest of the year.
Eat something small before you go out so you don't end up grabbing everything within reach because you are hungry.  Will power only goes so far so give it a helping hand.
Yesterday's meals:
The potato blinis were OK but lacked something, I felt.  I have some mash left over so I'm going to make them again tomorrow and try adding some grated cheese to the mix to see if that gives it a bit more ooomph - and maybe something to give them a bit of a kick too.
And philly would be loads better than primula!

I said beans on toast, didn't I?  When it came to it, I didn't fancy beans and I didn't fancy toast so, as I had some smoked salmon left from breakfast (defrosted, so I couldn't pot it in the freezer again), I went for some nicely scrambled egg with smoked salmon and it was lovely!
Not a great photo of dinner but you get the idea.  One chicken fillet made an enormous portion and 
the bacon inside was too chunky.  Also, the cheese escaped!
Having said all that, it was very delicious and I have added a few things to my shopping list including Parma ham (better than bacon, I think) and hard Italian cheese (veggie version of Parmesan) as well as brie.  Sadly, the last doesn't count as a healthy A but I can pretend!
Definitely making this again but using an Aldi sizzler instead of a full fillet.
There was no way I would manage roasted veg as well so I just had some tomatoes on the side.  The black bits are escaped cheese - and delicious!
Today's plans:

B:  cheesy potato blinis with bacon, mushroom and tomatoes
OK, I have mash left over from yesterday and I'll try again, this time adding some cheese and, perhaps, a few chilli flakes - I will think about that last bit, maybe add to half?  Or how about nutmeg for a more festive vibe.  I might split the mixture into three and try it all.  :-)
SW:  one and a half healthy extra As for the cheese and the rest is free.

L:  cranberry and sage falafels with roasted veg
No pitta this time but the mux of roasted veg and the falafels was so gorgeous that I'm doing it again.  I might serve it on a salad of some kind.  Hot and cold, soft and crunchy - there's some nice opposites there.
SW:  two and a half syns for the falafels but the rest should be syn free

D:  chicken and veg risotto, sprouts, broccoli; yogurt
I feel I ought to have something out of the freezer for dinner so I have crunched my way to the shed and back again with a hm chicken and veg risotto.
SW:  half a healthy extra A (in the risotto) and half a syn for the yogurt

E:  circuits today

two healthy extra As
no healthy extra Bs
three syns

HOWEVER - I have some dolce gusto chocolate pods arriving today with a view to having ONE A DAY (shouting at myself here) and synning it.

so I will have to update the syns when they arrive - if they arrive, that is.

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