Monday 5 December 2022

Monday, 05-12-22: Christmas Challenge day five

Good morning to you!
Sadly, I am full of the joys of a bad cold and yesterday was an awful crash come the evening - food galore found its way down my throat.  The cold is a reason for feeling low, of course, not an excuse for pigging out!
Back on it today although I'm feeling very disinclined to eat much at all because of a sore throat.
Yes, I am whinging!  Time to cheer up, I think.
Ten healthy habits for Christmas
5.  consider a plant based meal
Making one vegan meal a week is a great way of adding more fibre rich food - such as beans, nuts and legumes - to your diet.  It'll give your digestion a break from heavy meat consumption at Chriostmas, too.  for plant based recipe inspiration, go to

(given how much meat I have to use up, both ham and turkey, I can't follow this for a few days but it's not bad advice generally to build more plant based meals into ones week)
Yesterday's meal photos:
Breakfast was just an apple, an easy peeler and some grapes - no photo.  The evening was a disaster.  So I have just one photo . . .

This was really very nice indeed.  Slow roast turkey leg, roast potatoes and parsnips, done in Nellie with one little piggy in a blanket (quality testing the ones I made for Christmas Dinner, you understand) carrots, cauliflower and sprouts with some ham and a crumbled chestnut (nice bit maybe not worth the extra fuss) and some hm cranberry sauce.

The cranberry sauce tastes different, of course, made with some sweetener, sharper that the real kind, but it's quite nice.  I added a bit of orange zest to the mix.

The turkey leg was tasty and also has given me a lovely, good, jellied stock which I think I am going to use as the base for the Christmas gravy.  I'll freeze it and get it out the day before when I also have the stock from the giblets and make the gravy then.

Today's plans:

B:  right now, I don't feel up to eating much breakfast but I have fruit and yogurt so will have that, if wanted.
SW:  half a syn for yogurt

L:  leek, broccoli and butterbean soup
I made this yesterday and never had it so I've just boiled it up and it will be good for an easy to swallow lunch - although, to be fair, I hope swallowing will be much easier by then).  I have ham, turkey and some cauliflower that I can chop up and add, if wanted and, as it is quite thick, I will slacken it with some milk
SW:  half a healthy extra A for some milk

D:  cheesy turkey and cranberry toastie; yogurt
. . . or it might be more soup - I will just see how I feel when it gets to it.
SW:  if I have a toastie, it will use the rest of my healthy extra A and my healthy extra B, if it's soup, I've already counted the milk and the yogurt will be half a syn

Exercise:  It's supposed to be circuits today.  I'm going to join online and do what I can.

up to two healthy extra As
maybe one healthy extra B
one syn

The Christmas Challenge is to have at least one meal each day with a Christmas Festive vibe to it while staying within the Slimming World Plan.
Please feel free to copy/use anything you see and like.  

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