Wednesday 7 December 2022

Wednesday, 07-12-22: Christmas Challenge day 8

Good morning to you!
Confession time (again).  No, no, it's not confession - I made a choice and I enjoyed what I chose so no feeling guilty.  Yesterday's 'getting back on track' is very relevant today.   :-)  More details below!

Ten healthy habits for Christmas
7.  Start your resolutions early.
The quick switch between Christmas and New Year can result in a lot of pressure to be 'perfect' once the clock strikes 12.  Instead, begin to contemplate and plan how you'd like the coming year to look, and perhaps even put those habits into place in December.  If you'd like to get fitter by joining a gym in the new year, for example, start by including daily walks in December to prime your body for fitness - this way, it won't be such a shock to the system come January.

Interesting one - I tend not to do 'resolutions although the change of year is a useful 'hook' on which to hang any changes you would wish to make.  Right now, I am not sure I want to make any significant changes though.
Yesterday's meal photos:

As planned, a great big dish of baked beans and I really, really enjoyed it.
Mind you, without going into too much detail, later on I knew I'd had beans earlier, if you know what I mean!!
Very nice lunch of jacket potato with a ham, turkey and veg sauce.
As I needed mash for later, I did two potatoes in the microwave, one for lunch as in the photos and one for dinner.  I scooped out the potato, sprayed the skins and pepper them in Nellie for five minutes to crisp up and yum!
When I just want mash, I tend to make it that way now - you get a lovely, dry mash which I then mix with egg yolk or grated cheese and it's delicious.

The rest of the turkey/ham/white sauce mix and the mash made a lovely 'cottage' pie but I didn't have it because I made the decision to go off plan and enjoy a few of my hm veggie sausage rolls and mince pies.
Was I 'out of control'?  No, not in the slightest.  Did I enjoy it?  Most certainly.  And do I feel bad about it this morning?  Nope, because I'm not letting myself.
It's all an attitude of mind, isn't it, and any ongoing guilt is far more damaging than the actual food.
Totally unrepentant, that's me!  And If I've driven a coach and horses through any weight loss this week, so be it - it's not a problem.
Today's plans:

B:  pancakes with fruit and yogurt
I'm making up some Christmas spice mix this morning.
Here's the recipe.
Not the full amount, of course, that would be way too much; probably a sixth or an eighth should see me through and, if not, I can make a bit more.
So they will be Christmas spiced pancakes.  Lovely!
SW:  The syns in the spice mix will be negligible and the pancakes will be my healthy extra B while the yogurt will be half a syn.

L:  turkey cottage pie, maybe some peas; fruit
As I have a two portion dish all ready and waiting to be baked, today's food will be dead easy!  I haven't had peas for ages and didn't put any in the turkey mixture.
SW:  the whole pie is one syn (for the sauce) and a healthy extra A (grated cheese in the mash) so I will top it with another As-worth of grated cheddar.  

D:  As lunch but with broccoli and sprouts
It has to be used up today . . .
SW:  the main has been counted for above and the yogurt will be half a syn.

Exercise:  Lindsey has very kindly rescheduled personal training for Friday as I'm still feeling a bit rough.

two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
two syns

The Christmas Challenge is to have at least one meal each day with a Christmas Festive vibe to it while staying within the Slimming World Plan.
Please feel free to copy/use anything you see and like.  

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