Saturday 10 December 2022

Saturday, 10-12-22: Christmas challenge day 10

  Good morning to you!

It was a pound on at weigh in which I am neither sad nor disappointed about.  It's not a problem.

Ten healthy habits for Christmas
10.  Mind your portions
The easiest way to enjoy all the food you love without feeling the need to nap afterwards is to be away of portion control.  Simply put a smaller amount of  each of the dishes you'd like to try on your plate.  If you're still hungry afterwards, you can go back for more.  It's much easier to manage when your plate isn't overfilled.

(This is the last one and all of them were taken from an article in BBC Good Food last December.  Not rocket science but good to revisit at times.)
Yesterday's meals:
I love a bit of porridge, very warming on such a cold day.  The bit of choccy sauce was one syn extra.
The leftover tomatoes and butter beans made a very satisfying soup.
I had some easy peelers afterwards - they are so lovely and juicy at the moment.
Hardly the healthiest of dinners with its lack of speed food but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  No room for dessert which is just as well because I was at a wreath workshop in the evening and they had prosecco and mince pies for us.  Did I?  Of course I did!

Today's plans:

B:    fruit
I really fancy a cooked breakfast but will be out on a walk and I always take fruit with me.
SW:  syn free

L:   bacon, egg, potato waffle, tomatoes and mushrooms; maybe easy peelers
This is what I really fancied for breakfast so I'm having it for lunch instead!  And why not!
SW:  two syns for the potato waffle

D:  cranberry and sage falafels with roasted veg in a pitta; yogurt
I saw these in Aldi and thought I'd give them a try.  I can roast some veg (onion, parsnip, sweet potato) in Nellie with some spray oil and maybe some Moroccan spice mix and add the falafels for the last ten minutes or so to heat up.  I could add some grated cheese before stuffing it all into a pitta with some salad on the side.  Feta would be better but I don't have any.
SW:  one healthy extra A and one healthy extra B, half the pack of falafels is two and a half syns and half a syn for the yogurt

E:  a walk

one healthy extra A (maybe a bit more)
one healthy extra B
five syns

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