Saturday 22 June 2024

Saturday evening, 22-06-24

Evening, everyone!
I've had a lot of enjoyment from looking through the new Pinch of Nom book today.  All the recipes are either partly or wholly air fryer recipes and there's some good ones by the looks of it, although some are old recipes adapted to the air fryer rather than actually new.
I'm sure I will be trying some soon.
What I ate today:

Basically, you can air fryer bake more or less anything, add some chopped bacon and top it with an egg and you have a breakfast bake.  With brown sauce on top, this was really tasty.

One syn for the brown sauce.
The penultimate portion of the SWK veg and chickpea traybake with a cheesy breadcrumb topping.  Such a tasty way of using up leftovers.
I had a couple of mint sweets left from the trip on Thursday so I polished them up as a dessert.  Not healthy and they set my tooth aching so I wish I hadn't really!!

One healthy extra A, a bit of a healthy extra B for breadcrumbs and three for the two mints.

Sinner was from the SWK booklet but I wouldn't exactly call it a recipe as the only thing that needed constructing was the tartare sauce (which was very nice).  The rest was sort of 'cook the chips', 'cook the fish' etc.  I used the sync function to do both the fish and the chips in Nellie and the salad was just what was left from the lunch salad.
It was all very tasty though, really nice.

Syn free.

one healthy extra A
part of a healthy extra B
four syns

My meal plans for tomorrow:

B:  bacon, egg, mushrooms and tomatoes
Typical cooked breakfast!

L:  wrap pizza, salad; fruit
Not my usual roast dinner this week.  I just fancied a change really.

D:  steak stroganoff with rice and broccoli
Another from the SWK recipe booklet and using my own ingredients.  It should be sauted kale but I don't have kale and I do have broccoli!

Exercise:  a walk

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