Saturday 23 January 2021

Saturday, 23-01-21

 Good morning

Thanks for all your comments yesterday.  There's so many ways of doing things and nothing is better than the way that works for you.

Another strategy that really works for me is my preparations first thing each day.  As I don't break my fast until around eleven, usually,  and wake fairly early, I use some of that time going through the day's plans and getting things as ready as I possibly can.  That means prepping the veg, getting out jars, cans, etc, getting things out of the freezer, etc.
I'd had breakfast when I took this photo yesterday but it shows what I mean.

Pretty much the only thing that is not there for the day is salad and parsnip chips in water to keep them white.  I usually prep the salad while other things are cooking and I did the parsnips in the afternoon.

For me, what it means is that I don't have to make as much effort later on when I'm more tired and more in a 'can't be bothered' frame of mind, it means that if I don't follow through, some food stuffs will be wasted (and I hate that) and it keeps me out of the kitchen at times when I might be more vulnerable to the odd nibble here and there.

Works for me!

Yesterday's meals.

This is how I like an omelette.  Made a bit thicker than a wrap (same amounts, smaller pan) and the filling of bacon, tomato, onion and some bbq sauce went together perfectly.  It was lovely!

Lunch was the Pinch of Nom risotto recipe, found here.  
I added some pieces of ham, some bacon and some red pepper to the recipe and it really was delicious.  It made loads; you'll be relieved to know I didn't (couldn't) eat the lot.  Half of it is now in the freezer for another meal sometime.

Dinner didn't end up as expected.  Beth, daughter and support bubble buddy, got a late booking for a vaccination (she works for the NHS) and, as parking at Broomfield Hospital is notorious, she asked if I would take her.  Obviously, I said yes.  By the time I got home afterwards, it was seven thirty and I really couldn't be bothered to fuss around with parsnip chips, so I just had the cheeseburger and very nice it was too.  

I will blanche the parsnip chips and freeze them for another time.

Today's meal plans:

B:  banana, pear and oat smoothie; marmite on toast
What it says on the box!  :-)
SW:  20g of oats and one slice of bread will make my healthy extra B and 125 ml milk will be half a heA plus one and a half syns for a cheese triangle (instead of butter)

L:  chicken and chorizo style sausage paella
This is a Slimwell frozen meal and I'll let you know what I think of it.
SW:  one syn (I'm so glad SW has decided now to syn these Slimwell meals)

D:   pulses in tomato sauce with protein noodles, veg; yogurt
The beans in tomato sauce are already made and in the freezer, to come out shortly.  If I fancy a bit of meat, I have some slices of cooked ham frozen so will chop one up and add it to the mix.
SW:  protein noodles are one syn, 30g grated cheese is a healthy extra A and half a syn for dessert

Body Magic:  balance and bounce

two healthy extra As including milk for cuppas
one healthy extra B
four syns


  1. Broomfield is dreadful for parking. We waited one morning for a space in the end I swapped with hubby so he could go in and keep his appointment while I waited for a space to drive into. Then I had a £5 note and the machine only took coins. I was just about to scream when a parking attendant ran over and changed my note for me. Well done on the preparation.

    1. Oh, it is terrible, isn't it. You can go round and round for ages and not find anywhere. Thankfully, one of the bus routes to the hospital comes through our estate and if fairly frequent. Not that I'm taking buses right now but I will do again, once things have settled.