Wednesday 27 January 2021

Wednesday, 27-01-21

 Good morning.
For the first time in ages, it was a 'hungry' day yesterday.  Not that I felt hungry, I just wanted to eat.  I'm glad to say I didn't go over any limits but I did have a few afternoon snacks..

Yesterday's meals:

A nice, straightforward breakfast, more filling than it looks in the photo.
Lunch was four meatballs (which you can't see) in tomato sauce topped with cheese followed by a lovely, sweet and juicy orange.

Later on I had another orange and made up my healthy extra B with 20g muesli which I just nibbled on.
And dinner filled me nicely.  I cut the chips extra thin so they look more and they and the steak are on a dessert plate so not as much as it looks.

I'm glad I survived a hungry day!

Today's meal plans are . . .

B:  sausages, baked beans, marmite on toast, maybe an egg
The sausages are the Linda McCartney ones, the baked beans are leftover from yesterday and one slice of toast.  I may make a sandwich of the toast and sausage - no need for sauce with the marmite.
SW:  half a healthy extra B and one syn for spread

L:  chicken, bacon and mushroom risotto; fruit
The risotto is leftovers from last week and from the freezer and I may add 15g grated cheese for a healthy A choice
SW:   the risotto has half a healthy extra A of cheese plus another half A for more cheese

D:  smoky bbq chicken, stir fry veg; yogurt
This is another SlimWell meal, one I have had before and know I enjoyed.  If I remember correctly, half will be plenty, especially when I add some stir fry veg to the mix.
SW:  one syn max for the bbq chicken, two syns for a tsp toasted sesame oil for the veg and half a syn for dessert.

Body Magic:  day three of the hundred day challenge - an hour of personal training and, maybe, some rebounding.

one and a half healthy extra As (including half for milk)
half a healthy extra B
four and a half syns


  1. I love Marmite on toast topped with slices of hard boiled egg. Tesco sell Marmite humours which is delicious but rather calorific!

    1. Surprisingly, the marmite toast went really well with the sausages. I enjoyed it a lot.
      I've never had marmite hummus - but I bet it's good.