Monday 27 December 2021

Monday: 27-12-21

Good morning!

Right - back on track now, back to the SW structure good and proper with just one blip.  The week starts off with Festive Blast at nine.  Each day this week, Lindsey is doing a general work out, aerobic, get the pulse up session for half an hour, online, and I'm booked in and looking forward to it.  It's going to help a lot in getting all the other stuff back into place.

However - the Boxing Day buffet had to be postponed as Beth and Alex were both feeling rough - not Covid, they both tested for that.  It was probably a slightly delayed reaction from the booster just before Christmas.

I have decided that, like last November, January is going to be an alcohol free month.  It worked brilliantly then and, once New Year's Eve is over, I don't think there are any 'celebrations' for the whole of January.
Yesterday's meals:

It's nice to get back to more simple fare again!
This was good - there are two more bubble and squeak patties in the freezer but they won't stay there for long; I will have them at some time this week.

I'm afraid I rather overdid things with leftovers in the evening.  Oh, well, once they're gone, they're gone and I am going to give the fridge a clear out today.

Today's plans:

B:  citrus roulade with easy peelers
I do love this roulade and I have loads of easy peelers to use up so let's combine the two.  It's just eggs, kvarg (or quark) and some sweetener.
SW:  half a syn for the kvarg

L:   Christmas ham quesadilla with sweet pickled onion, bit of salad or maybe some coleslaw
A BBC Good Food recipe:
It's for two so I will make half and, obviously, use a wrap instead of a flour tortilla.  I might use sweetener instead of sugar or I might just pay the syns and have proper sugar - perhaps a bit less than it says.
The leftovers element is the ham.
SW:  one healthy extra A for cheese, one healthy extra B for the wrap

D:  buffet, postponed from yesterday.
I doubt there will be much alcohol flowing.  Both Beth and Dave will drive over so it will be J2Os and fizzies.  The food will not be healthy but I doubt I will be terribly hungry anyway.

E:  Festive blast.  Lindsey's half hour of energetic movement!

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
half a syn
and the buffet!

From the freezer:
a wrap


  1. I'm not fully back on track until New Years day and then I'll be eating a lot more winter salads from the garden. Looking forward to that immensely as I love salad.

    1. I'm trying but, like you, New Year's Day is the real, proper start.