Friday 31 December 2021

Friday: 31-12-21: New Year's Eve

Good morning!

It's Slimming World this morning.  I AM going and I AM being weighed, unlike last week when I ducked out.
This week has been another disaster but tomorrow is a new year and a new start.  I'm not so worried really, I've enjoyed the festive season and know exactly what to do from here on.

We should be getting new member packs today.  That's nice - new books for a new year.  I will ignore the recording space in the old book and start recording my results in the new book.  That's a nice little incentive for me.

It is New Year's Eve, of course, so there will be a few celebrations and some alcohol later on.  Beth and Alex are coming round and staying over and we're having the Kelly turkey I had delivered last week and bunged in the freezer.  That will be fine, it's just a roast dinner, that's all.

January is definitely a 'dry' month.  No alcohol whatsoever - it is such an overeating trigger.
I've also pretty much finished an up to date audit of what's in the freezers.  It's loads better than it was in terms of useable, healthy stuff with fewer ready meals and more 'cook from scratch' ingredients.
I'm bringing down the 'healthy' recipe books - the Pinch of Noms, the Chubby Cubs books and the new Slimming Eats book - there will be plenty there to keep me motivated and excited, I hope.

Yesterday's meals:

The first Pinch of Nom Comfort Food recipe I have tried.  Marmite mushrooms on toast.  Absolutely scrummy.  I could easily have had more mushrooms and another slice of toast to make a full B choice, it was delicious for something so very simple.
The second and last portion of the leek and broccoli soup.  This time, I grated a small potato and cooked it in the soup so it softened but kept it's 'shape'.  I also added the very last shreds of Christmas ham and a little bit of the cheese I grated for dinner.
Very nice and very filling.

Later on I had an apple and some easy peelers.

Again, dinner crashed.  It's always been a 'dangerous' time but will be easier once the remaining rubbish has gone.  Alex will be glad to take whatever remains tomorrow morning.

I did get as far as roasting the veg and they are now in the freezer for an easier meal (in terms of effort) sometime soon.
Today's plans:

B:  weetabix and fruit
SW:  half a healthy extra A and one healthy extra B

L:   roast turkey, pigs in blankets, stuffing, roasties and assorted veg; mince pies
Basically a Christmas dinner, I'm making this for me, Beth and Alex.

D:  a small buffet to finish off the last of the festive nibbles.
When I say small . . .

E:  a walk

Unknown today but at midnight the line is firmly drawn

From the freezer:
the turkey
pigs in blankets
Beth's veggie higgidy pie
mince pies
nibbly stuff

And finally . . . to you all


  1. Happy New year to you too! Sounds like a lovely day (and lovely food too)

    1. Thanks, Chrissie. It should go well, I hope.


  2. Enjoy your last day of this year, Joy. Tomorrow is a whole new start! Happy New Year to you and yours, may it be a good one for you. xx

    1. Thanks, Sooze. As you say, a whole new start - nice.

  3. Tony likes the sound of those marmite mushrooms. We reckon that they would make a delicious omelette or pancake filling. That would make them low carb and allowed on our new eating plan. Have a lovely evening tonight and we'll see you again next year. xx

    1. Indeed they will. Also, I often have similar without the marmite as a sauce for a steak - it would go really well that way. In fact, maybe I will plan that in. :-)