Sunday 26 December 2021

Sunday: Boxing Day

 . . . and the start of the Great British Leftovers Challenge - yum yum!  I will be searching both the internet and my own collection of recipes for likely looking ideas.  A pleasant task for this morning.

I thought I would be straight back on it today but find the family are descending on me again this afternoon so we can have the buffet tea we didn't have yesterday.  It's all there, just needs baking or whatever.

I hope yesterday was wonderful for you, that you ate, drank and were merry and that there's no guilt feelings.

Yesterday's meals:

This was my Festive breakfast and it was lovely.   I also had a lemon wedge but forgot to put it on the plate when I took the photo.
This was as far as I got with the Christmas dinner photo but imagine it with rather a lot of serving dishes and five dinner plates!

It was scrummy, slow roast belly pork with piles of veg and some nice roasties - they really are nicer when you par boil them before popping them in  the actifry!
Pretty much all the Christmas Pud got eaten (it was a small one) plus copious amounts of Bailey's cream.

By mutual consent, we skipped the cheese course and moved straight on to coffee and mints.

I think it is safe to say that we were absolutely stuffed and I am going to have to get out my size bigger jeans for a few days.  Thank goodness I had them.

No-one wanted a proper buffet so I just put the cheese board and crackers out with some crisps and some mince pies.

And we won't even mention th4e alcohol, OK?

It was a really lovely day!

Today's plans:

B:  weetabix and fruit
SW:  one healthy extra B and half an A for the milk

L:  Christmas ham, bubble and squeak, probably some sprouts; fruit
I prepped mounds of veg but there wasn't an awful lot left, just carrots, a little bit of parsnip and some broccoli.  Not to worry, I have already peeled the potatoes and will Actifry them before turning them into bubble and squeak because it has to be roasties for bubble and squeak, right?
SW:  a couple of syns if I have gravy (I may not) and I think the rest is free/protein/free

D: Boxing Day buffet
SW:  not the foggiest!

E:  Good question.  Maybe a walk, it depends on the weather.  Or maybe something online.  Or maybe not!

again, a bit unknown.  I thought I'd be on my own today and intended to get straight back on track but that's tomorrow now.  Not to worry!

From the freezer:
nothing and I'll probably be freezing some bubble and squeak patties for another day.

at the moment I am trying to keep things OUT of the freezer.  On Christmas Eve I froze a small turkey (for New Year's Eve) and six smaller turkey breast rolls for roasting throughout the year - just the right sixe for me and Alex or for me with leftovers.  I do love turkey leftovers.
However, with the specifically Christmas stuff being used up, there are still some gaps and I'm working towards more spaces in the next couple of months.  


  1. That sounds wonderfully festive. I do love left overs and have a huge joint of beef to work our way through over the next few days.

    1. Oh, lovely. What are your plans for it? xx