Tuesday 21 December 2021

Tuesday, 21-12-21: Festive challenge day 21

Good morning:
Well, I'm giving it a good go but fading out every evening.  I'll do one more day of SW values (tomorrow) and then kind of forget about syns, etc.  I'm not worried - I've done it before and will do it again, both up and back down again.  I haven't met my Christmas target but an the better for having aimed for it anyway.

It's not the end of the story!

Yesterday's meals:

Nice breakfast before circuit training.
Leftovers from Sunday and jolly tasty too, despite what it looks like1
The Christmas traybake was absolutely lovely.  You can see I added a chicken drumstick - two actually - and also some sweet potato which needed using.
There's half left over for munch today, probably with some more green stuff.  I need to make some space before tomorrow's shopping.

And then - other stuff.  Ooops!

Today's plans:

B:  marmite on toast, fruit
I just fancy something simple and savoury.
SW:  one healthy extra B

L:  Christmas traybake leftovers, broccoli, cabbage; fruit
I found some M&S low fat sausages in the freezer so used them instead of the 'real' chipolatas so that brought the syns (and calories) right down
SW:  half a syn for the pigs and the rest is free, etc.  I still have the gravy and, if I have that, I will allow three syns - a bit guesstimate but I don't think it's far off.

D:  toast in the hole, butternut squash chips, veg; yogurt.
I just fancy this.  I've got out the rest of the low fat M&S chipolatas which are not amazing but the nicest I have found of that type, just to use them up.  I'll do four for my toad and keep two for breakfast tomorrow.  I'll make proper Yorkshire pudding batter and syn it - the mild will be a healthy extra A anyway, it's just the flour and any butter I use.
The chips are because the squash really does need using up now and the veg will probably be the same as lunch, more or less.  I'll prep it all at the same time.
SW:  two syns for the sausages, nine syns for the flour (ouch) and the milk is just over half a healthy extra A.  I'll use spray oil!  Yogurt is half a syn

E:  Ha ha ha!!!

half a healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
fifteen syns (blimey!!)

From the freezer: 


  1. I've given up eating healthy until after the big day. We had coffee and walnut cake for supper last night but it meant I didn't sleep too well. Completely my own fault but oh so worth it..:-)

    1. I think we make these decisions all the time and they are not 'right' or 'wrong' they are just '[best at that particular time'.
      Maybe you can catch up with a bit of a snooze today.

  2. It's pretty much impossible to keep to a rigid dietary regime at this time of year, with so many tempting foods about and so much to think about. As you say, it's not the end of the journey, just a break on the way. I'm still trying to low carb where I can, but not being obsessive about it. We're having toad in the hole tomorrow, not had that for months and months. xx

    1. I think that we are sort of hard-wired to a feast/fast sort of approach both physically and emotionall6y and these times do us no harm in the long term unless they are unbalanced.
      I am so looking forward to my toad in the hole this evening!