Wednesday 22 December 2021

Wednesday, 22-12-21: Festive challenge day 22

Good morning:  Having said I'd do one more day on SW, I had totally forgotten that I have a take away with Dave and Anna planned for this evening.  That, with plenty of appropriate liquid stuff will mean that I start my off-SW time at around six o'clock this evening rather than tomorrow morning.   

Yesterday's meals:

Breakfast was marmite on toast followed by two easy peelers and an apple.  I didn't take a photo.

This was the previous night's leftovers with some additional veg - cabbage, sprouts and carrot.
It was very nice although I won't used drumsticks again.  If I add chicken, I will use chunks of thigh or breast.
I very much enjoyed this toad in the hole although it would have been better with real sausages.  On the plate you can see half - I had the other half too!  No yogurt though.

It looks remarkably similar to lunch - that's the veg!
And no butternut squash chips.  When I looked at what I had, it was rather beyond the point of no return.  Bad me!

Today's plans:

B:  sausages, egg and bacon
I'll probably also throw in some tomatoes and mushrooms for a bit of 'health'!
SW:  one syn for the sausages

L:  I'm going to try and not have much, just some fruit and some yogurt.  I want to enjoy this evening
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt

D:  take away Chinese with Dave and Anna
Definitely NOT SW friendly but it will be lovely!
SW:  unknown!

E:  personal training

I hate to think but I'm not fussed!

From the freezer:

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