Saturday 23 April 2022

Saturday, 23-04-22

  Good morning!

Well, as expected, weigh in wasn't great.  Four and a half pounds on - eeeeek.  I suppose it could have been worse; in fact, I was anticipating around half a stone or so - one week missed and a holiday as well.

Jen suggested I fill in the diary for a week or so.  She knows I plan meticulously but the diary is a retrospect thing - what I have actually eaten rather than what I plan to eat.  So I will be doing that for a week or so and let's hope it helps.  The idea is to take it in next week for her to read over and advise, if necessary.  One must be completely honest - there's no point not being really, it's just a waste of time and paper otherwise.

Yesterday's meals:

Just fruit and yogurt for breakfast, surprisingly filling.
Bacon and sausage sandwich with a simple salad for lunch.  I had the planned apple later on in the afternoon.

It looks like a big old plateful, doesn't it?  In act, apart from the steak and the two cheese triangles in the sauce, it is all vegetables and speed vegetables at that!
I really do recommend roasted cauliflower and broccoli stalks.  In winter, I make soup from them but it isn't soupy weather now so I added some frozen butternut squash chunks and roasted them together for around half an hour-ish, adding a cut up tomato for the last ten minutes.  A few cloves of garlic would be nice in it too but I don't have any fresh garlic.

This week's challenges are:
Back to Basics - which is the SW term for getting back to the real basics of the plan, as you did in the first month or so
seven or fewer syns
over ten speeds

Yesterdays was seventeen speeds and two and a half syns.  That'll do!
Today's meal plans:  I'm going for flavours I really love

B:  bacon and mushroom omelette with tomatoes
Getting out the ingredients earlier, I realised it is all the twos with the omelette - two eggs, two rashers of back bacon with the fat cut off and two mushrooms.  Only one tomato though because it's a big one.
SW:  speed and protein

L:  cheese, turkey rashers and onion toastie, salad; fruit
Goodness, how I am loving toasties at the moment and when you spray the bread, you get the crunch without the syns (or calories)
SW:  the bread is a B, the cheese will probably be one and a half As, the rest should be free as I will soften the onion in spray oil.
I bought the turkey rashers on impulse and am relieved to find that they are a free/protein food.

D:  roasted pork fillet, apple and onion sauce, veg; yogurt
I'm having a Saturday roast rather than a Sunday roast as I can't tomorrow
To make the sauce, I will soften some onion, add some sliced eating apple, add a bit of balsamic vinegar and perhaps some sweetener and let it all simmer away.
The pork loin was a special in Morrisons so it's not even that costly and I will have some left for Sunday evening, if it's needed.
SW:  I don't syn cooked fruit so this could easily be free/speed and half a syn for the yogurt

Exercise:  a walk with some of the SW group

SW Summary:
one and a half healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
half a syn

From the freezer:
and that seems to be all.


  1. Not so bad, then! Phew. That can be dealt with in no time.

    1. It could have been so much worse. :-)