Tuesday 26 April 2022

Tuesday, 26-04-22

Good morning!
Yesterday was definitely proper back on track and today feels good too.  I still have loads of supplies in the freezer which is helping as it's a sort of guidance for me.
Because I really stocked up well last week, I don't need to do a shop this week as my list is very short and nothing is essential, just items I'm getting a bit short on.  I may need some more fruit by the end of the week though but that's about it.
Which means that next week I will have a longer list and I'll start posting SW shopping hauls again.

Yesterday's meals:

I'm definitely enjoying having a wider variety of fruit.  Really ought to do this more often.
Simple air fried salmon with the mustard, agave nectar and lime drizzle and a whopping big mixed salad.  I had melon for afters and later on I finished off the last of the mango and pineapple.

I'm finding this tip useful - I treated myself to a small glass stray bottle and use it to spray balsamic vinegar over my salad - it makes a tasty sort of dressing.  Don't do it until just before eating though or it wilts the leaves!
Apple and onion sauce goes so, so well with pork.  I just softened half a peeled and sliced onion in a bit of spray oil and some water.  I added a small, cored and sliced eating apple, some balsamic vinegar and some sweetener and simmered until the apple was 'soft' and the liquid gone.  It worked well.
There should have been carrots on the plate too - I accidentally left it in the water.  Still, there was enough anyway and maybe I can add some of them to dinner today.

For dessert, I made a sugar free jelly and had some of it with yogurt and fruit to make a sort of sundae - no photo, sadly.  It was nice.

Challenges/things I am focusing on:
I'm keeping a detailed diary to print off and take in to Jen - I think it is helping.
Thanks to the fruit salad and the lunch time salad I had 21 speeds (not the same as a five-a-day portion but I certainly exceeded that too)
Two and a half syns

Today's plans:

B:  the last of the posh fruit salad
There's not loads left and I'll probably add some more melon and some blueberries, etc.  I've decided that now and again I will get a bowl of it together - it's been so nice having a greater mix of fruit.
SW:  speed, free and protein

L:  pork pitta/sandwich/roll/wrap, coleslaw, salad; fruit
The last of the pork and I will decide which bread I fancy the most when I need to get it out of the freezer.  I'll probably have a tbsp onion chutney with it as I have a jar that needs scraping!
SW:  the bread will be my healthy extra B, the chutney will be one and a half syns and the mayo for the coleslaw one syn.

D:  cheeseburger pasta bake, side salad; yogurt
The side salad is a maybe, it depends how much the pasta bake ingredients make.  I'll cook 40g wholewheat pasta (much nicer than white) and add a portion of my cooked savoury mince (maybe jazzed up with some extra flavours like a bit of liquid smoke) and some sliced cornichons, top with some grated cheese and bake so it melts.  Yum.
SW:  one and a half healthy extra As for 45g grated cheddar (or whatever I get out of the freezer) and one or half a syn for the dessert, depending on which one I have.

Exercise:  a walk, probably

one and a half healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
maximum three and a half syns

From freezer:
savoury mince
bread or whatever I have


  1. I agree that writing a food diary really helps. I lost one and a half pounds at weigh-in yesterday. Really happy with that for a strange reason which I think I have already mentioned - not my usual class, our usual Consultant wasn't there(dare I say "yet again"?) and my daughter wasn't there as she had gone to our usual class. She lost a pound, good girl! Had I lost more I would have achieved my stone and a half award and no one but me would have seen it! One has to show off a little! So next week I must lose at least half a pound. All went well for my OH at the hospital, latest scan looking good. Enjoy the sunshine! xx

    1. I prefer the term 'celebrate' to 'show off' < grin >.
      It's a splendid loss, well done ! And also to your daughter. You're both doing so very well.

      Great news for OH too. Lovely.

    2. Yes, of course I meant celebrate! Wink!

    3. Indeed you did!! :-) xx