Tuesday 19 April 2022

Tuesday, 19-04-22

Good morning!
Well, I'm back after a thoroughly enjoyable long weekend away in Bury St Edmunds, staying at the Premier In  with a meal deal each day - that covers an 'all you can eat' breakfast and payment (well, part payment really) for whatever evening meal you want.
I have to admit, starting off the evening meal with a double pink gin and (slimline!) tonic is a highly civilised pleasure I need to get un-used to again!

Oh, well.  It was good but it will show on Friday and I need to be totally back to basics for several weeks now.  Friday's weigh in will not be a fun experience but I made my choices and now we move on again.

So Back to Basics (as much as possible) is my challenge for what remains of this week and next week too.  Also, low syn, high speed and minimal carbs (of the potato/past/rice sort)

I do have an incentive.  If you read my other blog, you will know I treated myself to a lovely Seasalt dress which is, sadly, just a bit tight at the moment.  I want to be wearing it comfortably by the time I go to Southold or, more importantly, the next week when I have a break at the new Potters at Five Lakes.
I will hang it up in my bedroom so it remains in sight!

Today's meal plans (no photos from yesterday):

B:  fruit salad and yogurt.
This was something I had each day in Bury and, if it had stayed at that, it would have been fine.  However . . . all you can eat - you know.  Disaster!  :-)
SW:  mostly speed and the Greek yogurt is protein

L:  toastie and salad; fruit
This will use my healthy extras, both As and B and I have cooked chicken to add as well for filling-ness
SW:  two healthy extra As, one healthy extra B and lots of speed vegetables

D:  short rib of beef with home made gravy and plenty of veg; yogurt
I tried cooking a short rib in the Ninja using the dehydrate function (which also slow roasts) yesterday.  It's now all wrapped up and I will reheat it this evening and see . . . it's very hard to find good UK recipes for the Ninja - they are mostly either USA recipes (using cup measures, weird words and weird processed stuff) or things I can work out for myself anyway.  However, I have found what seems to be a really helpful Facebook group and I will probably start a Ninja recipe tab in here, when I have a few more.
SW:  the steak is protein (must cut off any remaining fat), the gravy is free and the vegetables will pretty much be speed.    The yogurt is half a syn

Exercise:  I will be spending time in the garden, dealing with stuff that has taken the opportunity to explode during my absence.

SW Summary:
two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
half a syn

From the freezer:
just the bread


  1. Welcome back! The weather was fabulous, wasn't it? Weigh in last evening and I lost a pound having had a pretty reasonable week. Daughter lost two having had a pretty relaxed week - hurrumph!! But it meant she has gone past her stone and a half so I continue to be immensely proud of her. I have 2lbs until I reach mine and only 6lbs to target - I have 7 more weeks on this payment so c'mon lady - get to it! I am going to have an experimental week where I have all my daily Syns and see what happens - I usually only have half so.....Have a good day.

    1. You are both doing brilliantly - well done to you both! I'll be interested in how the syns thing goes.

      Will you continue after the countdown?