Thursday 1 February 2024

Ideas for lunches

I don't quite know why but I have issues with lunches.  I can sit there, meal plan in hand, breakfasts and lunches all written down and blanks for lunches - both on paper and in brain.
From what I've seen, I know I'm not the only one although some say breakfast is the issue rather than lunch.

So, to help me (and anyone else), I'm made a list for myself of lunch ideas.
Here we go

leftovers (always comes first to avoid waste)
soup, preferably home made
things on toast- beans, cheese, egg, tuna melt . . .
wrap pizza
things on crumpet thins.muffins/bagels
pasta bake
jacket potato
salad - meat, egg, fish, cheese
all day breakfasts
crustless quiche
crustless quiche/frittata/tortilla

. . . and plenty of ideas on my page of links - tab at the top.

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