Monday 5 February 2024

Monday, 05-02-24

Good morning, everyone.
You may have gathered from the missing photos Friday and Saturday that the weekend didn't start all that well, despite a better than expected weigh in.
I woke yesterday feeling a lot more determined and thinking 'what on earth am I doing to myself'.  As a result, yesterday went a lot better but the thing is to keep it going.  I need to muster all the determination I can possibly dig out and, maybe, re-read Ultra Processed People for extra motivation!

One meal at a time and fingers crossed!
Yesterday's meal photos:
No breakfast - I wasn't hungry.

What a plateful.
I made a mistake with the chicken; I meant to use two half chicken breast fillets but got out and started thawing two small chicken leg pieces instead.  They were labelled, I just didn't check which goes to show you should never go by looks alone!

Anyway, I had one of them for lunch plus some bacon medallions and onion (cooked with the chicken) plus roasted broccoli and sprouts and green beans, carrots, cabbage and cauliflower plus the mushroom sauce (not an outstanding success, to be honest, that sauce).  So, although it looks an enormous plateful, it was mostly veg and, all in all, it was delicious!

Later on in the afternoon I had the 'medicinal' kiwi and an apple.  I really do love apples.

I stripped the meat off the second leg piece and both sets of bones went into the 'stock bones bag' in the freezer, to make into stock when I have enough.

I turned a wrap into a very thin 'crust' pizza, the outside of which was just the right side of 'caught' and enjoyed that very much with a simple side salad and an orange for afters.

Earlier in the day, I sorted out the fridge a bit and turked a bag of broccoli and cauliflower stalks and cauli leaves into a really tasty soup.  Three portions, mostly from stuff that would otherwise have been discarded.  They're now in the freezer for lunches.
Making that soup helped me to feel in control again.
Today's meal plans:

B:  fruit
SW:  syn free

L:  bacon and mushroom crustless quiche, salad; fruit
I suppose you could easily call this an omelette, they are very much the same thing, aren't they?
SW:  up to two healthy extra As, one syn for seeds either in the quiche or on the salad and one syn for salad cream.

D:   trout fillet, roasted veg; fruit
The trout is an oddment I found when organising the freezer and I'm just going to squeeze lemon juice over and bake in foil in the air fryer on top of some roasted onion, sweet potato, pepper and mushrooms and maybe have some tomatoes on the side.  I might sprinkle over some more seeds for extra flavour/healthy oil too.
SW:  two syns for a tsp olive oil for roasting and one for seeds

Exercise:  circuits class

up to two healthy extra As
no healthy extra Bs
five syns

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