Wednesday 28 February 2024

Wednesday, 28-02-24

Good evening, everyone.  Hoping you have had a delicious day's food.
Lindsey had to cancel personal training today and it will be on Saturday instead.

What I ate today on Slimming World:

Breakfast tasted lovely but wasn't anything special.  Just air fried sweet potato, onion, mushroom, pepper, tomatoes, diced bacon and an egg on top.  Very filling.
One syn for some brown sauce.
For a right mish-mash of a fake Caesar salad, this was absolutely delicious.
It was shredded chicken, lettuce, red cabbage, tomatoes, radishes, cucumber, celery, red pepper, mixed seeds and orzo mixed with light Caesar dressing and topped with some parmesan shavings and some air fried croutons.  So good.
Half a healthy extra A, half a healthy extra B, three syns for the dressing, one syn for the seeds and the rest is speed/free food.

Later on I had an orange and a couple of easy peelers.

The last of the Simply Cook Vietnamese curry and it was lovely.  The sharper eyed among you may notice a bit of orzo mixed with the rice - that was just to finish it off.  The white blob is some natural yogurt as it was quite spicy.
It may not look that amazing but it tasted great.
six syns altogether

half a healthy extra A
half a healthy extra B
eleven syns - but on the high side for me but not to worry!
Tomorrow's meal plans:

B: fruit and yogurt
SW:  syn free

L:  cheese and chutney toastie, side salad; fruit
SW:  up to two healthy extra As, one healthy extra B and one and a half syns for some chutney

D:  chicken stew of some kind, veg; fruit
I have half a can of chopped tomatoes and some mixed beans to use so I'll make some sort of concoction, perhaps a curry or a chilli.

Exercise:  online SET class

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