Friday 22 March 2024

Friday evening, 22-03-24

Good evening, everyone

At weigh in today, I had a very disappointing one pound gain.  No idea why but that's what it was so I am spending a short time going over the last week's entries to see if I can pinpoint anything - nothing found yet.
I was a bit upset but my usual optimism has reasserted itself now.  After all, I have had some delicious meals, I know that, apart from last Friday, I have eaten very healthily and, apart from that 'Friday treat', there's nothing I need to change.  So all good.
And I have the new magazine to enjoy and get ideas from.  One perk of being on the Social Team is that I don't need to pay for it.  :-)

I'm doing really well on using up batch and leftovers portions from the freezer.  There's definitely spaces in the bag and I have more planned in for this coming week.  I'm really missing the cooking but the feeling of being nice and frugal and making the best of what I already have is great.
I need to get that bag out of the freezer now and update my list.  I've been trying to keep up but just to make sure.  It's irritating to plan something and then find you've already used it.

It was really nice to exchange some messages with Jo Morgan today.  Jo does Slimming World at present and has a YouTube Vlog, Joanne's Slimming World Journey, that I always watch; she's a really lovely person, very realistic and honest about the challenges in her life as well as sharing and celebrating recipes and meals she has enjoyed..
Here's a link, if you're interested.

What I ate today on Slimming World:

A favourite breakfast and very much enjoyed.  The fruit is pineapple, raspberries, cherries and blueberries - so 50% speed.
Three syns as I've planned my B in for dinner.

Then I went food shopping so wasn't tempted with extra fruit.

This was lunch; the last of the cheesy pasta bake portions.  I think there's one more portion without cheese.
A healthy extra A and one syn for the salad cream.

Later on, I had grapes - my much more healthy Friday treat.  They were lovely.

I enjoyed this.  The burger was my usual recipe.
100g under 5% beef mince
one rosemary and red onion sausage
Some finely chopped onion, softened with spray oil for one minute in the microwave
15g finely grated cheddar
salt, pepper, any other seasoning.
Mix it all together thoroughly and then shape.  This amount makes two burgers or one burger and five or six meatballs.  I made two burgers this time and the other is on the menu for tomorrow.
The chips were air fried, of course.
One healthy extra A for cheese in the bun, one healthy extra B, one and a half syns for the grated cheese in the burger, one and a half syns for onion chutney and that's it.  
No dessert.  I was stuffed!

two healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
seven syns

Tomorrow's meal plans:

B: avocado/guacamole toast, egg, mushrooms and tomatoes
SW:  two syns for avocado, half a healthy extra B

L:  burger in a bowl, salad; fruit
Not the recipe, literally a burger in a bowl to use up the second one I made this afternoon.
SW:  one and a half syns for cheese in the burger, one syn for salad cream

D:  half a M&S pizza, side salad; fruit
. . . because I have it to use up.
SW:  eleven syns for the pizza (no counted free food so high syn but it's really only around 220 calories)

Exercise:  a Lindsey pre-record

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