Tuesday 5 March 2024

Tuesday evening, 05-03-24

Good evening, everyone.

What I ate today on Slimming World:

This was blackberries, cherries, raspberries and mango from the freezer and blueberries from the fridge, all mixed together and microwaved until warm.
SW has a bit of a thing about synning cooked fruit - I don't.
The yogurt on top and some sweetener, all mixed together, made a wonderfully creamy and delicious mixture - not smooth, obviously, but the juice and warmth from the fruit turned the yogurt really good in the mouth - if you know what I mean.
I had an apple before I went to Groove and this afterwards.
Syn free

The broad bean, feta and orzo salad, reduced to a quarter amount, was really good.  It was very beany, what with the broad beans and some butter beans.  I doubled the amount of feta (Morrisons lighter salad cheese, to be accurate) and instead of their suggested dressing (I don't like fat free vinaigrette), I use the last bit of the Italian dressing I made, added a good dollop of lemon juice and warmed it in the microwave before adding to the salad.  I also added some mixed seeds because . . . well, healthy fats and lovely flavour!
The lettuce/leaves around the outside was an extra because why not?    Also, I still had some lamb left from Sunday so I added that too as it really did need using up.
It made loads so I spooned off some after adding dressing but before the feta and had that as part of my dinner.
Then, I couldn't manage the whole lot so that was more in the leftovers pot.  Maybe tomorrow?
One healthy extra A, one and a half syns for seeds and two syns for the salad dressing.

So on to dinner.  Because I had some of the orzo based salad left, I decided to cut the planned chips and I am glad I did because they would have just been too much, wayyyy too much.
One A for cheese, one B for the roll, one syn for salad cream in the coleslaw, one and a half syns for chutney and nothing for the other salad because I had counted it for lunch.

two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
six syns
That'll do!

Tomorrow's meal plans:

B:  waffles, fruit and yogurt
I have some silicon moulds so I want to try these in Nellie the Ninja.
SW:  half a healthy extra B

L:  Too Good to Waste soup, cheese triangles, croutons, mixed seeds
What I call the soup I make using broccoli stems and cauliflower stems and leaves.
SW:  half a healthy extra A, half a healthy extra B, one syn for seeds

D:  peanut butter chicken pasta, side salad; fruit
From the SW book Fast Feasts, p83
SW:  two and a half syns

Exercise:  personal training

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