Sunday 17 March 2024

Sunday morning, 17-03-25

Good morning, everyone.

Ooops, I was so tired yesterday evening, I didn't post.  So you will get double dose today - what I should have posted yesterday and then today's which will be live this evening.  Really sorry.

I seem to have accumulated rather a lot of portions of leftovers in the freezer so I went through what I had and - er - yup, embarrassing!  So, for the rest of this month I'm going to try to use up something pretty much every day, either for lunch or for dinner.   Allo the stuff I need to use up is listed and in a separate bag so I can find things without too much hassle.

This happens intermittently because most recipes, even when cut down to one portion, actually make more than one portion so, what with batches and all that sort of stuff, the extra portions do build up fairly quickly.

Wish me luck!  :-)

What I ate yesterday on Slimming World:

Just one photo yesterday.
Breakfast was rice pudding, yogurt and mixed fruit and it was really delicious.

I was out for lunch.  Beth took me and Alex took Beth for a late Mothering Sunday treat and, good intentions to the contrary, I went somewhat off plan.  No photos, just verbal description so, if it would trigger you, just skip this next bit.
We started with a nachos sharing plate which we lovely.  Then I went for a smaller plate fish and chips.  I do like their smaller plate options - they're not all that small, just pretty much when I would give myself at home really.  Anyway, it was delicious.
This last bit was naughty - I had a triple choc sundae which was rather the last straw as far as staying close to plan.  Oh, well, it was so nice and it doesn't happen often although I could knock up something with yogurt, fruit and light squirty cream, I suppose.

A lovely meal, thank you Beth, and by the time we emerged it was nearly three o'clock.  I wasn't that hungry for ages but managed do make and down a cheese sandwich later on which was not the idea at all.
Oh, well - line drawn again and on we go!

Today's meal plans:

B: rice pudding, fruit and yogurt
The other half of the rice pudding I made on Friday - definitely making more soon, it was really nice and, made with sweetener and omitting the butter, kept it on plan.
Also, making it in Thermione and doing the self clean afterwards was so, so easy.
First time, I just made it plain, but it would be nice with nutmeg or cinnamon added.
SW:  half a healthy extra A for milk; the rest is syn free 

L:  air fryer pork tenderloin, apple and onion sauce, roasties, a selection of veg; fruit
These can be good when you're cooking for one.  Unit priced, they're not cheap but they're small so not that costly.  I think I will cut the one I bought in half and freeze the other half for something like pork and apple another time.
I looked it up and it appears that tenderloin does really well in an air fryer so win-win.
SW:  I am estimating around four syns for a simple glaze, maybe a bit more.  I don't syn cooked fruit.

D:  pasta bake (from the freezer), side salad
Made a week or so ago when the girls were round for dinner.
SW:  one healthy extra A

Exercise:  rest day.

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