Sunday 3 March 2024

Sunday evening, 03-03-24

Good evening, everyone.  Oh, that's better.  Everything has settled, I had a great sleep over Saturday night and all is well.

The lamb was absolutely delicious, such a treat, and I have a few leftovers to incorporate into tomorrow's meal planning.  

And I spent some time going through a few cookery books and now I have some nice meals planned for the next two weeks.  It will change a bit, for sure, but it feels good to have an outline plan going forward.

What I ate today on Slimming World:

Such a filling breakfast.   I remembered I had a bit of guacamole left from Friday evening so I toasted the crumpet thin, spread over the guacamole and sprinkled over a bit of Just Spices avocado topping before adding the egg.  So tasty!
Three syns for the crumpet and one and a half for the guacamole.

I'm not particularly traditional (or modern) with my cooking and meals but I really do love a roast dinner for my Sunday lunch.
This was lovely with mint sauce and gravy.
One syn for gravy.

Dessert was a couple of easy peelers.

During the afternoon, I cooked the lamb some more - it was perfect for slicing for lunch but not for shredding - it needed longer for shredding.

I made a yogurt, lemon, mint and honey dressing to mix with shredded lamb, shredded lettuce and grated carrot which I spooned into a pitta.
With a lovely big mixed salad, it was really tasty and filling.
I know my plates of food can look enormous but look carefully and it is mostly vegetables.
Half a syn for honey, one syn for mixed seeds and one healthy extra B for the pitta.
I had an orange for afters.

no healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
seven syns
That'll do!!
Tomorrow's meal plans:  

B: pancakes, fruit and yogurt
SW:  half a healthy extra B

L:   lamb and roasted vegetable burger thingy, side salad; fruit
The idea is to just mush it all together with some sort of spice and some grated cheese, shape, egg and crumb and air fry.  If it all falls apart, no problem.  It's really just a sort of bubble and squeak (and might end up looking like it too!).
SW:  one healthy extra A, half a healthy extra B for the breadcrumbs, two syns for salad dressing and one for mixed seeds in the salad

D:  lamb carbonara.
Using up the naughty roast lamb from today.  I'll probably add peas and mushrooms to the mix, maybe some broad beans too - I have some left from lunch today
SW:  one healthy extra A

Exercise:  circuits class

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