Saturday 23 March 2024

Saturday evening, 23-03-24

Good evening, everyone.

I redid the freezer audit of 'ready meals' and found, to my surprise, that it was very much up to date.  I have more of them planned in this week as well as a few cooked from scratch meals because I have missed cooking.  Re-heating really isn't the same.  😁

What I ate today on Slimming World:

A nice, filling breakfast.  The h m guacamole was avocado (two syns), finely chopped onion, chopped tomato, seasoning, chilli flakes and lime juice, all mashed together.
Half a healthy extra B and two syns

Later on, I had an orange.

Lunch was the second burger, that I made yesterday, with some onion on top, a choppy salad with some mixed seeds and some coleslaw.
The seeds can be part of my B and the cheese in the burger can be part of an A while the salad cream in the coleslaw is one syn.
I put some chopped apple in the coleslaw and are the rest for dessert.  

As for dinner, I had planned an M&S pizza (well, half of a pizza) but when it came to it, I realised it had been in the freezer for ages, didn't look that great and, for eleven syns (plus healthy extra As), I could do a lot better myself.  So I did - for fewer syns.
I used a flatbread - white, so 7 syns - plus a sauce made from tomato puree, ketchup and balsamic vinegar, a healthy A of cheese and sundry veg plus half a syn for salad cream in the coleslaw.  Really nice and healthy and totally hit the pizza fakeaway spot.  OK, so it doesn't look like a 'real' pizza but it was delicious, it really was.
The sauce, by the way, was one tbsp ketchup, one of tomato puree and one of balsamic vinegar.  So good!
So one and a half healthy extra As, seven syns for a flatbread, one and a half syns for a level tbsp ketchup, I will count the seeds scattered over the pizza as the rest of my healthy extra B and half a syn for coleslaw.
Such a shame I couldn't get hold of the wholemeal flatbreads in that range as they count as a B choice - they do disappear from the shelves very quickly and they're even sold out on Amazon.
No room for any dessert.

two healthy extra A
one healthy B
eleven and a half syns (I think) - close to the top of my range but all part of meals, not snacky extras, so I'm not too concerned

Tomorrow's meal plans:

B:  rice pudding, fruit, yogurt
SW:  half a healthy extra A

L:  rich beef stew, mash, steamed veg; fruit
I might turn this into a cheesy potato topped pie.  Not traditional Sunday but nice.
SW:  I think this should be free

D:  Roy's mushroom and pea carbonara, side salad; fruit
I saw this in a Facebook group and followed the link to YouTube.  It's pretty much exactly as I make carbonara so the only thing I will change is that I will add some chopped bacon because - you know - mushroom and bacon is a flavour combi made in heaven, isn't it?
SW:  one healthy extra A

Exercise:  a Lindsey pre-record

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