Friday 22 May 2020

Friday, 22-05-20

Good morning!

Breakfast:  it doesn't look much but, by the time I'd had the orange and the yogurt, I was full so didn't have the apple until after lunch.

When I was looking in the fridge for salad things for lunch, I remembered I had some couscous left over from coating the Scotch egg so I added this and that to it.
I added a bit of finely chopped onion, some chopped roasted red pepper, some quartered little tomatoes, some chopped dried apricots, some sunflower and pumpkin seeds, some balsamic vinegar, mint sauce and lemon juice.  It was gorgeous and I have half of it left for today.
I synned it all out and, given that dried apricots and the seeds are all healthy extra Bs, the whole lot came to two Bs, one for yesterday (I hadn't planned in a B so that was OK) and one for today.

Dinner was the roasted veg pasta bake and it was lovely!  I did wonder how it would work but I wasn't disappointed.  I cooked some sweet potato and parsnip, cut into bits, in half a tbsp toasted sesame oil in the actifry for twenty minutes at 180.  Then I added some onion and some sliced roasted red pepper and gave it another ten minutes.  Finally, I added the last of last year's tomatoes from the freezer and a bit of salt and gave it another five by which time the veg had all caramelised beautifully.  I stirred in the cooked pasta, tipped it into dish and topped it with grated not-parmesan.  I should have then popped it in the oven or under the grill but I couldn't be bothered.
That was it.  No spices, no herbs and minimal salt and I scoffed the lot.  Three syns for the oil and one heA.

Today's plans:
B:  fruit salad and natural yogurt
SW:  free

L:  crustless quiche with minty couscous and salad; apple
The quiche is from the freezer, the last piece and the couscous is what's left over from yesterday
SW:  half a heA and one heB (for the dried apricots and the pumpkin and sunflower seeds)

D:  steak with salad and SW style chips; yogurt
Just what it says really.  Given that I have some heAs going begging, maybe they can be cheesy chips.
SW:  one and a half heAs, three syns for half tbsp oil and whatever the grain mustard 'costs'

S:  none

Body Magic: allotment and half an hour of personal training

two heAs and one heB
maximum of five syns
NOT a cheap day because of the steak but I will really enjoy it.


  1. I love the sound of your veggie pasta. I'm thinking of investing in an airfryer.

    1. I love mine. I took ages to decide, not being sure whether it would earn its space, but I used it quite a lot.
      It has been a good investment for me.

  2. It really was tasty. FIlling too.
    Thanks, Laurie.