Tuesday 26 May 2020

Tuesday, 26-05-20

Hello, everyone.
A pound off this week - I'm happy with that after last week's maintain.  I'm within half a stone of target now so it's bound to be a bit slower plus my age doesn't help.  I'm so relieved it isn't another 'stayed the same' or even a gain!

Yesterday's breakfast on a lovely late spring morning.
Mushroom omelette, tomatoes, strawberry fluff and coffee.

I wanted to have salmon for lunch but do you think I could find it?  So annoying.  So I finished off the pork instead and left half of it because I wasn't hungry.  I did have all the salad though.

This was rather nice.  Three veg - cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower - and the casserole was chicken with onion, pepper, baby corn and mushroom with half a can of chopped tomatoes, half a chicken breast, garlic, bbq sauce and seasonings.
Today's plans:
B:  sausages and beans
Half a can of beans so I will need to think of a way to use up the rest tomorrow.  Not so tricky really.
SW:  one syn for the sausages and half for one tbsp bbq sauce that I will stir in

L:  jazzed up mince and noodles; yogurt
I will use one of my little pots of savoury mince and jazz it up with spices and extra veg before adding the protein noodles
SW:  the mince is free and the noodles are two syns while the yogurt is half a syn

D:  hunter's chicken, chips, side salad; egg custard
I know from experience that one chicken breast in hunter's chicken makes enough for two so that's one of tomorrow's meals sorted out..  The chips are because I really, really fancy them, that's all  :-)
SW:  one syn for bbq sauce, two syns for oil to actifry the chips, one and a half heAs for cheese on top of the chicken and tomato and half heA for milk in the egg custard.

S: one level tbsp each of sunflower and pumpkin seeds (for my heB)

Body Magic:  watering down the allotment, bit of gardening, maybe a walk

up to two heAs and one heB
seven syns

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