Tuesday 19 May 2020

Tuesday, 19-05-20

Breakfast yesterday - two very nice soft boiled eggs and some tomatoes.  Very nice.

I changed my mind about lunch and had a beef salad.  I wanted salad because I thinned the radishes at the allotment and brought the thinnings home to scoff.

The stir fry was great.  I changed the vegetables to match what I had and really enjoyed it.

Today's meal plans:
B:  marmite on toast
 . . just because it's delicious
SW:  one heB and three syns (for a pat of butter)

L:  crustless quiche and salad
The quiche is from the freezer and I'll probably make some coleslaw as well
SW:  half a heA for the cheese on the quiche and one syn for  mayo in the slaw.

D:  spicy noodle bake; yogurt
I will take one of my little pots of savoury mince, add to it plenty of speed veg and some cajun spice plus a portion of protein noodles, sprinkle over some cheese (probably gruyere for its melting qualities) and pop in the oven for about ten minutes or so.
SW:  one and a half heAs for cheese

S:  trying for none again

Body Magic:  a bit of watering down the allotment and a walk

two heAs and one heB
four syns

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