Wednesday 20 May 2020

Wednesday. 20-05-20

Morning everyone.
Weigh in result: stayed the same.  More than a bit frustrating but there you go.  Keep on!

Good news - I have found a low fat salad dressing that I actually like and it is only half a syn per (level) tbsp too.  It's M&S reduced fat French dressing; it doesn't have the extreme 'gloopiness' that other low fat dressings have and it's nicely herby in taste.
Naked salad is fine but it's nice to dress it up a little bit. 

Yesterday's food:
There's nothing quite like marmite on toast and I really enjoyed this.

Lunch:  quiche, coleslaw and salad.

Dinner:  cajun noodle bake.  Lovely!  I had leftovers of the lunchtime coleslaw on the side.

Today's food plans:
B:  fresh fruit and yogurt
I have berries to which I will add an apple and some pineapple (because it needs eating up).
SW:  free

L:  burger and salad
Just a M&S skinny burger in a roll with onion relish, coleslaw and a side salad.
SW:  one heB and one syn for the onion relish (one level tbsp)

D:  lemon chicken with spring veg noodles; SW style egg custard
This recipe is from May's edition of Easy Cook.
I will adapt it (of course) and halve the amounts because it's for one.  I will use stevia instead of caster sugar; I have no 'frozen pea and bean mix' but I do have fresh green beans, frozen peas and frozen broad beans so I will use them and I will cut the cashew nuts completely (sadly).  Oh, and the noodles will be the last third of the pack.  I must get some more, they were lovely.
The egg custard is from the SW Site, Lifeline Online, and the only thing it omits from the 'real' version is the double cream.  Worth a try, I reckon.  I don't have many desserts in my SW repertoire and another, different one would be welcome.
SW:  The oil is three syns, the cornflour is half a syn and the noodles are two syns while the milk for the egg custard can be counted as one heA.  It's not quite enough for a heA but I might have a couple of cuppas this afternoon to use up the rest.

S:   none

Body magic:  half an hour's personal training

one heA and one heB
six and a half syns


  1. Good morning Joy. Another beautiful day. Well done on maintaining even though you are a bit disappointed. I put on 2lbs this week but not surprised as I had a very greedy weekend. I'm always impressed at your cooking for just yourself as I know how difficult many people find doing that, just reducing quantities and the act of being bothered just for one person. Hats off and well done x

    1. That's really kind. thank you very much, Lyn.
      Greedy weekends are nice and at least you know what's caused the gain.