Monday 25 May 2020

Monday, 25-05-20

Good morning.

I remembered photos yesterday.
A 'slightly' over done egg but it was still very nice.

The seedy coleslaw was really tasty and there was a bit of both salad and coleslaw to have as a side for dinner too.

Dinner:  chicken and apple stir fry with protein noodles and leftover salad.

Today's plans:
B:  mushroom omelette and tomatoes; fluff
Made with the omelette maker and the tomatoes will be raw, not cooked
SW:  free

L:   salmon with a mixed salad; fluff
I'll probably steam the salmon in foil with some lemon or lime juice and seasonings
SW  Free

D:  chicken and veg in a bbq sauce, assorted veg; fluff
The leftover half chicken breast with the usual veg with a sauce made from chopped tomatoes with seasonings and some Crucials bbq sauce
SW:  one syn for two tbsp bbq sauce - if I have more I will syn it at half a syn per tbsp

S:  none

Body Magix:  allotment work

no healthy extras - ooops - but they are extras!
two syns

The fluff looks OTT so I need to say that one sugar free jelly and one strawberry Mullerlight comes to two syns and it whisked up super light yesterday, giving me six portions so that's one after each meal for a total of one syn.

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  1. Thanks, Laurie. I think it is a great way to exercise and so productive too.