Monday 11 May 2020

Monday, 11-05-20

Good morning.

Breakfast was very welcome after some time down the allotment.  The eggs look like googly eyes, don't they?

A lovely big bowl of speed vegetables (onion, baby corn, yellow pepper, mange tout and mushroom), chicken and protein noodles for lunch.
The sauce was some of last year's tomatoes and home made passata I found in the depths of the freezer, plus garlic granules and some dried chilli flakes, salt and pepper.
I totally forgot about adding the cheese and it didn't need it anyway.
Filling and delicious!

I rather 'resent' having to syn protein noodles when I can have any amount of much more calorific pasta or rice for 'free'.  That's SW for you!

Dinner was a bit brown and a bit soupy but the stock was just too good to leave and if I'd continued to boil it away it would have been over-seasoned.  I ate this with a soup spoon!

Today's plans are:
B:  cheesy omelette
Made in a pan so I can melt some cheddar in the middle.  Must fit in a heA today!  I'll add some mushrooms as I dearly love them.
SW:  one heA

L:  chicken pate with toasty salad cups, bit of choppy salad; bit of fruit
I will make the chicken paste by zizzing some of the cooked chicken with some mayo and maybe some 0% fat fromage frais or quark (I managed to find some of each this week) plus some seasonings and lemon juice.
SW:  one syn for two tbsp super light mayo

D:  stir fry chicken with protein noodles
Yes, another stir fry because I have home sprouted bean sprouts I want to start using, although I will freeze some of them.  They lose their crunch but in a stir fry that's OK.
I can use onion, pepper, mushroom,shredded cabbage and beansprouts with the chicken and perhaps some Crucials bbq sauce at half a syn per level tbsp
SW:  I'm estimating one and a half syns for the bbq sauce, I will allow myself a tsp of nice oil - I have some toasted sesame oil - for two syns and three syns for the noodles (mutter, mutter)

S:  none

BM:  personal training exercises and some step.

one heA
seven and a half syns

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