Sunday 31 May 2020

Sunday, 31-05-20

Good morning.

A cooked breakfast.  I hadn't planned for fried bread but I really fancied some to I used half of the slice I got out of the freezer for lunch, sprayed it with oil and fried it.  Really nice.

Then, just because I was eating in the garden, I fancied one of my home made ice lollies.
Strictly speaking, one should syn the fruit because it's been pureed - but I have my own opinion about that!

I will continue making these through the hot weather and I MUST hunt for one missing 'sippy' handle out of the four - I won't have thrown it away.  I'm now well stocked with frozen fruit after a trip to Aldi and real fruit really does make the most delicious ice lollies!!

Because the yogurt (the white part) is fairly 'set', one can make these rough layers in one go but, if using various fruits only, the first layer would need to be frozen before adding the second layer, and so on.

I had a simple Nigella recipe for lunch.  It was nice but could have done with some mayo on the tuna/beans.  I couldn't find borlotti beans (suggested in the recipe) in the freezer so had to use chick peas instead and have made a mental note to cook some more borlottis as soon as I can get some from the shop.

 It is surprising how few bits you need to make quite a substantial quiche/frittata/tortilla/whatever you call it.  I had a couple of small Jersey royals, some peas and a few broad beans left over from Friday and some tuna and chickpeas left over from lunch and they, with two eggs, 45g grated cheese and a few seasoning bits and bobs made a substantial dishful.  Half last night and half for lunch.  Lovely!

And then I went and spoilt it all by discovering frozen stollen in the freezer.  Oh, I could kick myself now but it's too late to do anything about it except to deal with the rest of the stuff so I'm not tempted again.  What a wally!
Today's plans:
B:  fresh fruit and yogurt
I have a melon that needs starting off, some rather nice satsumas and, of course, strawberries from the garden.
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt

L:  The other half of the quiche with some salady bits and bobs; ice lolly
SW:  half a heA for cheese on the quiche, one syn for superlight mayo on the salad and half a syn for the lolly (and that's because I don't syn pureed fruit!)

D:  lamb leg steak, peas, runner beans, Jersey royals; fruit salad
I treated myself to a couple of lamb leg steaks at Aldi's on Friday so am having a treat.  I sort of roast them long and slow so they fall apart - purists may shudder but they are lovely.  I'll mix the resulting tasty stock with a few thickening granules and some mint to make a minty sauce.  As it is now the very short Jersey royal season, I'm making the most of it.
SW:  up to one syn for thickening granules

S:  none

Body Magic:  watering and weeding down the allotment

half a heA
two syns


  1. What a scrummy looking lolly Joy. I laughed that you called yourself a wally, that's so often me. I have tried quite hard to do the right things this week after a very supportive SW zoom session on Tuesday night. I'm hoping to see a loss next time. I'm certainly getting a fair bit of body magic in at the allotment and in the garden but also plenty of downtime to just enjoy the sunshine. Have a nice day xx

    1. < grin > well, I just feel rather silly. Won't have a loss this week now but never mind, it could be a lot worse.

      Good luck to you with this coming week.

  2. Everything sounds delicious and healthy too. Enjoy your day!

    1. Thank you, Chris. The weather helps such a lot too, doesn't it?