Wednesday 23 February 2022

A SW food haul from Morrisons

Not terribly big, not particularly exciting, but this is what I needed this week.   For newer readers, I am catering just for myself.

In no particular order . . .

For the freezer:
I know these are not the most frugal choice but they are so very handy when you're pushed for time or just can't be bothered and therefore in danger of making poorer choices.  One bag is a jolly good portion for one or two smaller servings and takes three minutes in the microwave.  Syn free and a mix of speed and free veg - this particular one is all speed.
No added sugar, syn free on SW and there's so many flavours to choose from.  Nice with loads of ice.

I had completely run out apart from Winter Warmer and Winter Spice which I tend to have hot.  I'm weaning myself off cans of fizzy pop, especially the cola kinds - I don't think they help my sleep patterns at the moment.
I'm now OK for tomatoes again.  The little ones are for salads and the bigger ones for frying in spray oil for breakfasts.  
I got bags of leaves because I have a little bit of little gem lettuce left and leaves are very handy.  Leave the bag open in the fridge and they don't go slimy so quickly, I have found.
Both are SW speed.
I didn't need any other veg this week.
The melon is a treat fruit and the easy peelers are essential!
Both speed
Just Mullerlights and a Kvarg - both are half a syn per portion and I almost always have one after my evening meal.
Cupboard items:
I really did run short of tomato-ey stuff.  
Both are speed or free on Slimming World.

I'm find with all the other stuff - veg, pasta, rice, cheese, and so on, and the freezer is loaded!


  1. Those particular Mullerlight yogurts are my favourite - that's when I have a yogurt, which is only a couple of times a week. Husband has one every day after dinner. I'm more likely to eat yogurt for breakfast, when I have it. xx

    1. I love the toffee/choccy based one the best too. I like it for breakfast too but it's more likely to be natural Greek with fruit.

  2. We started shopping at Morrisons during the first lockdown for various reasons and love it. I do nip into other places but I am a total Morrisons convert!

    1. I like Morrison's too. Fortunately, it's the local shop which makes it very handy indeed. I try not to top up shop, but sometimes you just have to!