Friday 25 February 2022

Friday, 25-02-22

Good morning!

Yesterday's meals:

Breakfast - the one I had planned to have yesterday!

Lunch  and very filling it was too.

I saved the fruit (an orange) for around half past four.

Just some cooked savoury mince, some cooked pasta and some cheese.  Mix the first two, spoon it into an ovenproof dish, sprinkle over the grated cheese and bake in a 180C oven until the cheese is melty and browning.  So good.

A kvarg finished off the eating window.
Today's plans:

B:   taster day at group
It should all be free/low syn food but I doubt I will want anything afterwards
SW:  I'm assuming no syns

L:  cheesy tuna jacket potato, salad; fruit
I'll mix some canned tuna with some super light mayo and some cottage cheese and serve it on a small jacket potato
SW:  one syn for the mayo

Sn:  oatly skinny drink
SW:  one healthy extra A

D:  creamy chicken and rice, roasted tomatoes, some other veg; yogurt
Just some chicken with some onion, mushroom and red pepper plus, probably, some peas, cooked in a pan, add some stock and some crème fraiche and thicken, if necessary, with a bit of cornflour.
SW:  three syns for some crème fraiche, one syn for cornflour and the rest should be free apart from the yogurt which is half a syn.

E:  kettle exercises, Lindsey's homework and I've ordered some ankle weights and if they come today I will be trying them on as I generally move around the house as usual.

one healthy extra A
no healthy extra B but there will probably be some at taster
five and a half syns

From the freezer:
Not so good today


  1. Good idea to have the ankle weights, hope they help. My knee brace does feel very supportive. I love mince mixed with pasta and cheese, a sort of cheaty (and easy!) lasagne. xx

    1. It did have a very lasagne-ish sort of vibe, you're right. Loads easier though.
      I'm so glad the knee support is helping - it should give you a bit more confidence again.

    2. great minds haha food looks lovely Joy x I might get some ankle weights when I can see my ankles again lol xx

    3. lol
      I like them! I hardly know they're on but when I took them off last night, I could tell.