Saturday 15 September 2018

Saturday, 15-09-18

Good morning!
Yesterday evening turned out a bit of a disaster so I won't go into it but will just say it's straight back to my planning for today.  End of story!

Today's plans:
B:  porridge, fruit and natural yogurt
I forgot to set the oats to soak yesterday and also it's quite chilly this morning so porridge will fit the bill nicely.
SW:  125g milk for the healthy extra A and 40g yogurt for the healthy extra B

L:  not totally sure but it will be ham with some sort of speed veg - perhaps tomatoes and carrots (raw carrots); apple (because there's some to use up)
SW:  should be free

D:  turkey and root veg casserole (we call it turkey hotpot and it's a family favourite); fruit salad
Every year I freeze generous amounts of turkey after Christmas and make stock with the carcass and reduce it down before freezing.  This is so that during the year we can have turkey hotpot!  This time I shall use onion, carrot, celery, parsnip, sweet potato, butternut squash and potato.  Apart from that, all it will need is a bit of seasoning and my Dad will have some grated parmesan and croutons over his.
SW: should be free.  Not all the veg is speed but some is.  I use so little oil that it will hardly be there per portion

Ss:  fruit

I brought all the root veg with me and will have plenty to take home again so I need to adapt my planning to use them up.  I feel soup coming on and there's some delicious looking recipes on the Slimming World site.
Any suggestions?


  1. Morning Joy. Roasted root veg soup is lovely, roasting the veggies first (when the oven is on for something else, the veggies can then be put in the fridge until needed) really gives a lovely flavour to the soup.

    1. Oh, yum, that sounds so delicious! Thanks, Sooze, I will definitely make that. I can use spray oil for the roasting so I get the flavour without the calories!

  2. Roasted squash and sweet potato with lentils and chilli x

    1. That sounds lovely and warming on cold winter days. Many thanks.

  3. Parsnip soup...just roast them and blend with stock and seasoning. Yummy. Parsnip, Apple and potato each of large parsnip and potato plus me,drum size cooking apple. Same method. Yummier!