Tuesday 11 September 2018

Tuesday, 11-09-18

Good morning.

Yesterday, I decided I was probably eating a bit too much with all that 'free' food and the recipes also have larger quantities than I would usually use, so I am exercising a bit more restraint and being sensible.  Just because I can have it (according to SW), it doesn't mean I should have it, after all.

Life gets a bit complicated for a few days as I have a friend staying (arriving this evening) who has a number of food issues but I think we will manage and I have planned it all out carefully.  I'm going shopping today for a few bits and pieces and then things will be all OK.

Today's plans:

B:   oat pancakes, fruit, natural yogurt
I made the oat pancakes last week and froze some; the fruit is also from the freezer and goes very nicely with the natural yogurt (home made).  It's a pretty frugal breakfast really.
SW:  half a healthy extra B

L:  potato waffle, fried egg, fried tomato (the 'frying' is all with spray oil)
This is becoming a favourite.  Egg on a potato waffle is delicious.
SW:  2 syns for the waffle

D:  cheesy beans on toast, fruit
Beth and I both love this - pure comfort food and cheap too, especially with a long wholemeal loaf for 8p on yellow sticker; brilliant for toast which is how I almost always have my bread.
SW:  the cheese (25g of ordinary mature) is my healthy extra A and one of the slices of toast is the other half of my healthy extra B

Ss:  fruit and tomatoes

Fingers crossed that it will all go well today.

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