Saturday 1 September 2018

Saturday, 01-09-18

Good morning.
I know I said I wasn't posting over the weekend but I think I know what my food plans are for today so why not. 
It's not easy, when you're not at home, to follow any kind of eating system but maybe that's just an excuse.  But I am sort of 'in charge' of most of the meals and SW meals are 'proper' meals, not restrictive things, so really there's no excuse.
So - here we go, fingers crossed.

My plans.
B:  overnight oats, fruit, natural yogurt
As usual . . .
I have the kilner jar in which I make my o.o. and I remembered to get them in soak yesterday so that's the next three breakfasts sorted.  The fruit is left over fruit salad.
I brought the yogurt with me but the rest is the best kind of frugality.  Someone else pays!  :-)
SW info - the oats are my healthy extra B and the milk is my healthy extra A while the fruit and the yogurt are free

L:  not sure.  I might have to have a slice of toast with maybe marmite and then fill up with fruit.  I'll have to syn the toast.

D:  I'm doing roast chicken, pigs in blankets, stuffing, roasties, runner beans and gravy, followed by stewed apple and blackberry with natural yogurt (custard for the others).
I will have the chicken, a little bit of the stuffing (working out the syns will be hard as I am part making it myself so I shall have just a morsel and - er - conveniently forget about it), the roasties which I will make the SW way and the runner beans.  I won't make enough pigs in blankets for me and I don't usually have gravy anyway.
So - SW info - the chicken, veg and potatoes are free, I'll have to work out the stewed fruit and custard.  Stuffing?  What stuffing?

What a brain ache!  At least it's frugal (for me!).
(I wonder how I can work out tomorrow's meals now)

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