Friday 21 December 2018

Friday, 21-12-18

Good morning!

Well, what a relief.  After maintaining last week, this week I lost three and a half pounds, I got my two stone certificate and sticker, I reached my Christmas challenge (and went beyond) AND I was Slimmer of the Week.
Phew.  So very happy about all that.

My BMI has gone down quite a lot too.  It's now 26.1 and it used to be over 42 before the gallbladder crisis.   Just seven more pounds down to get into the 'normal' banding.  Maybe by the end of January?

It means I have lost, on average, half a stone per month which suits me just fine.  Good old Slimming World.

And to cap it all, all my 'taster chicken' got eaten with some very appreciative comments.  I've posted the recipes as a separate thread.

I'm afraid I might have celebrated a bit afterwards.  Oooops!

Today's food:
B:  yogurt and fruit
Something easy as I will be rushing around all morning.
SW:  one syn for the yogurt

L:  really not sure, it all depends on how things go and how quickly I can get away.  If I'm here, I will defrost a home made soup.
SW:  free

D:  salmon with seafood sauce, vegetables
The salmon will be free to me!
SW:  2 syns for the sauce.

It's going to get increasingly erratic for a few days.  I will keep posting but don't expect anything too frugal or particularly Slimming World friendly, although I will look out for opportunities.  I expect a bit of a gain but don't want anything too terrible.

p.s. On reading back, this post sounds a bit of a show-off.  I don't mean it to be, it's just that I am so pleased and very relieved.  Until a year ago, I had given up on anything but staying super-large for the rest of my life - maybe I needed to hit rock bottom before climbing back up again.


  1. Morning Joy - you're not showing off, you're just really pleased! And, even if you were, it's fully justified - you should be immensely proud, you've done brilliantly. As for good old Slimming World...they may well be, but it's down to your determination, commitment and hard work that you've lost all that weight. So very well done! Have a lovely weekend - with the occasional treat with your parents - you deserve it! xx

    1. Thanks, Sooze. I really am very chuffed, I have to admit. xx

  2. Good Morning :-)

    Well done Joy. You are not showing off, just elated and relieved to have achieved your own personal target. It's difficult when you first start a new eating regime (SW, WW or watching what you eat), and if you've been good all week and haven't lost any weight it's soul destroying and you say 'what's the point?'. You've kept at it and it's paying/paid off. I'm really pleased for you.

    Have a good day.
    Carol x

  3. Well done.
    Far from being a show off you are being a great encourager to many and demonstrating that, even in a normal family life with all the temptations, one can lose weight if one uses enough will power and treats the challenge with intelligence.
    The usual excuses of, “It costs too much”, “I haven't time” etc can be blown away leaving nowhere to hide!
    Have a very happy Christmas. Sue

  4. Congratulations! That is amazing and I also say thank heavens for Slimming World. Love them! I have lost 1st 1lb since September so am 1lb off target and intend to get there by the end of the w/e, as I know Christmas will be tricky SW wise with one thing and another! But will be back on it come Jan 2nd. Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas!

  5. Thankyou, Carol, Sue and Julia. It's so nice (encouraging!) to be called an encourager. Julia - that's fantastic and yes, we will both be back to it after next week is done and dusted, won't we?