Monday 3 December 2018

Monday, 03-12-18

Good morning.
Sorry I'm a bit late with this.  I decided to wait until I got home before writing.

Today's plans:
B:  baked beans - just baked beans, half a can left over from lunch yesterday
More filling than you would think!
SW: free

L:  lentil and root veg soup, toast to dunk
This is from the freezer and while it won't exactly to conform to my SP with yogurt thing, it's still healthy and tasty.
SW:  healthy extra B for the bread

D:  beef casserole, runner beans, maybe some peas too as I have just a few left in the freezer.  I rather fancy using my healthy extra A milk to make custard for afters.
The beef, the peas and the runners are all from the freezer - the freezer challenge is back on again, after I couldn't find that steak last week.  It'll turn up!
SW:  two and a half syns for the custard powder and I will use stevia for sweetener (less than a tbsp so no need to count it)

Back on the wagon again after a couple of 'interesting' days over the weekend!  I'm holding on to my December Determination!


  1. We are eating from the freezer where possible. I need to make room for Christmas food as we have a full house on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

    1. I really sympathise with that - it can take up so much room, can't it, all that Christmas food.