Monday 10 December 2018

Monday, 10-12-18

Good morning.

Yesterday's food was great.  I made a nice big pot of the soup so have plenty for the rest of the week now.

When in Morrisons, I saw that they are doing smoked salmon bits again so I bought a couple of packs - and now have to use them up!  Oh, the hardship

Today's plans
B:  Bacon and scrambled egg with smoked salmon
Not as expensive as it sounds - could be a lot worse!
SW:  free

L:  spicy lentil soup
Very frugal and delicious too
SW:  free

D:  syn free dirty fries, roasted tomatoes
Also pretty frugal.  Breakfast is a bit more costly but the other two meals make up for that.
SW:  the cheese is my healthy extra A

Ss:  2xhi fi bars (healthy extra B), yogurt (one syn), fruit

The challenge today is that I am prepping for a buffet lunch tomorrow so might end up picking bits.  Summoning a bit of extra December determination.


  1. I need to pick your brain please Joy. When you freeze the cooked pulses, is this always as part of a frozen meal or do you portion them out ready to add to recipes as needed. If the latter, do you thaw them before use or can you cook them from frozen? Thanks.

    1. Neither, EIleen. When I have cooked them, I spread them out on a baking sheet on easy leave (or parchment would do) and open freeze them (covered but not in a bag)so they are all individual. Then I bag them once they are frozen. It means I have free flow pulses and can take just what I need to use. Works a treat.

  2. Your lunch and dinner are very frugal and certainly make up for the bit of smoked salmon with your breakfast!

    1. I thought so. Even better if I say I didn't fancy a cooked breakfast so had some fruit instead.