Friday 21 December 2018

Recipe: ham pate

Not really a proper pate, more a paste/dippy sort of thing but this is very tasty, very simple and great  for Slimming World.

I was carving slices off the Christmas ham just now to take to my parents and you know how it is with a home cooked ham - little bits kept falling off.  I gathered up the bits and some not-so-beautiful tiny slices from the other end of the ham, taking off any fat, and popped it in my mini-zizzer.  Then I added about 120g of low fat soft cheese, a little squidge of garlic puree and maybe a quarter tsp of mustard powder.  No salt and no pepper.

Then I zizzed it all up until it was the texture I wanted.
That's it.

The soft cheese is about one and a half healthy extra As or nine syns and it made enough for three greedy people or four if one was being moderate.  I will take it to my parents' because I think my Dad will really love it.
You could do the same with smoked salmon bits, adding some lemon juice as well.

No photo, sorry!


  1. Great idea Joy, I've done this before using butter (not so SW friendly I suspect!). I've also done it with pork, butter and mustard, and beef with horseradish.

    1. Oh, it is gorgeous with butter but that's a bit of a no-no now. I avoid high fat stuff because it causes everything to - er - move through rather too fast!
      So it's not just the weight loss thing.