Wednesday 12 December 2018

Wednesday, 12-12-18

Good morning.

Stupid o'clock and my over-active brain is not letting me got back to sleep which is a pain!  So I'm downstairs, playing on social media and waiting for sleep to return which in it invariably does, sooner or later.

I'm less rushed this morning but yesterday, once all the chores were done, was lovely.

Here's what the table looked like.

And here's some of the Slimming World friendly things I made.

J. brought mince pies and a fruit salad for dessert - guess what I had.  No - not the mince pie!  My halo is shining brightly.

I have to go to a different SW club this week as I can't make Thursday evening and, fortunately, Jennifer runs some in a local village so I can go today at seven o'clock.  So today is weigh day, not tomorrow.

Today's plans
B:  scrambled egg with smoked salmon
SW: free

L:  I have a friend round for lunch and, fortunately, there's enough leftovers that I don't need to produce any more.  I will stick to the SW friendly stuff and have fruit for dessert.
SW:  Not sure.  There will be some syns or healthy extras bit it's a bit too complicated to work out, like yesterday.

D:  Like lunch to finish off the leftovers of the leftovers.  I know it sounds muddled but they are not the sort of thing one can keep and I don't want to waste anything.

Ss:  none if I can possibly help it!

A really muddled couple of days but I have tried to stay in touch with the healthy eating.  Whether that reflects on the scales tonight, I have no idea so fingers crossed.  Wish me luck (again).


  1. What are the things on cocktail sticks in the little Christmas tree dish? (they look like chicken, possibly?). Good luck for weigh in tonight.

    1. Yes, I marinaded chicken chunks in a spice mix (I think it was cajun) and a little bit of sweet chilli sauce before streaying with oil and baking for a short time. Very nice!

  2. Afternoon Joy

    Oooohhh… I bet the food tastes as lovely as it looks. I love the Christmas tree dishes. Looking at the food you wouldn't think any of it was 'diet food' - it all looks an even balance of sensible and 'naughty' food (sausage rolls, crisps and bread).

    Good luck with the weigh-in - catch up tomorrow.

    Enjoy the afternoon.


    1. Hi, Carol! I was quite good and avpoided the bread and the crisps but I did have one sausage roll - I mean, Delia's vegetarian sausage rolls - I just had to! :-)
      The dishes are cute, aren't they?

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks. I was pleased with how well it all worked together.