Sunday 9 December 2018

Sunday, 09-12-18

Good morning.  :-)
Well, I survived the mince pie!  I had just the one, counted the syns, thoroughly enjoyed it and now there are four safely tucked away in the freezer for Christmas Day.  A major achievement for me.  Last year I had to keep off the mince pies (for gallbladder related reasons) but before then I'd have scoffed the lot and bought some more.

Today's plans
B:  porridge with yogurt and fruit
Frugal, as always, and most satisfying with the fruit (from the freezer)
SW:  the oats will be my healthy extra B and I will syn the milk at two syns for 80 mls

L:  spicy tomato and lentil soup
Delicious and frugal.  Now I make soup so much, I find that commercial soups taste artificial, overly sweet and rather tasteless.  Not to mention flippin' expensive!
SW: free unless I make some croutons.  If I do, I will syn them.

D:  loaded leek and potato bake, sprouts
A bit like last night's dinner but with leeks and I'm adding a few more veg as well - mushrooms, for a start.  I will enjoy it, I am sure.
SW:  the cheese will be my healthy extra A

S:  fruit, yogurt (one syn), hi-fi bar (three syns)

Having two healthy extra As won't be a problem in the New Year as there are some changes afoot with the SW programme.  Well, it's not a 'problem' now, of course, but you know what I mean.  That's because one will be able to have two As each day so I can have my milk and some cheese without needing to look them up!  You'd think I'd remember by now but I always feel I have to check.


  1. Totally agree on the taste and cost of commercial soups!! Well done on the mince pie front! :-)

    1. :-) Thanks. I was well pleased with myself to the point of smugness - but pride goeth before a fall so I dealt with the smugness pronto!