Friday 28 December 2018

Friday, 28-12-18

Good morning.

Sadly, three pounds on this week, like more or less everybody at group last night.  Oh, well, time to get going again.

On the plus side, I went shopping for new clothes yesterday, all in 'normal' sizes.  Being able to do that was great!

Today's plans
B:  yogurt, apple, orange
Apart from being a light breakfast, I have plenty of fruit to use up so it's nice and frugal in the no-waste sense.
SW:  one syn for the yogurt

L:  the other half of the Christmas-sagne
More leftovers.
This was so nice, I've posted about it separately although the photos are awful and don't make it look nearly as tasty as it actually was, unfortunately.
SW:  two and a half syns for half of the two Dairylea wedges and half a healthy extra A for grated cheese

D:  Out to a friend's for dinner.  I know it won't be SW friendly but I will do my best to be 'sensible', choose carefully and enjoy it all, knowing that I'll be back on track tomorrow.

The new handbook was given out at group yesterday.  There are a number of changes to reflect up-to-date nutritional thinking, a few of which affect me positively.
Beans and peas are no longer counted as 'protein' so are out on SP days.
Soft cheese is no longer an healthy extra A but - big but - dairylea and laughing cow still is - thank goodness.
All wholemeal pittas, not just certain named brands, are now healthy extra Bs
Still on healthy extras, now we are expected to have two As (not one) and one B each day.  More cheese - yay!
Best of all, natural Greek yogurt is now classified as P (protein) so I can do SP days 'properly'.

Yes, it's all playing with figures really but it's nice to be on plan properly.  Now I can genuinely and without fiddling do a mix of extra easy and SP days during the week.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday can be extra easy (the main plan) and Monday to Thursday can be SP, applied flexibly.


  1. Well done for going to group to face the music, Joy - it would have been so easy to just miss the class this week! So now you know the outcome, you can get going again. I don't know what 'extra easy' or 'SP' days are, but if they help you, it's all good.

    1. Extra Easy is the main plan, the normal Slimming World way. They call it Extra Easy.
      SP is restricting your food to the healthy extras, speed foods (lots of fruit and veg) and foods marked as P (protein). Basically it is a lower carb thing but much less restrictive.

    2. Thanks for the explanations, Joy.

  2. Well Done for gaining just 3lbs - I would feel very relieved if that were me. I, however, am a coward and I'm not weighing myself until 7th January when all guests have left and I have had a week "back on it"! Will let you know! Happy New Year.

    1. Looking forward to hearing. I bet it won't be as bad as you fear. Mine wasn't! :-)