Saturday 8 December 2018

Saturday, 08-12-18

Good morning.

The December Determination lives on.  I went to the school fair yesterday and managed to resist all the cakes, ice cream, sweets and other stuff I would once have gone for 110%.  It helped that I had dinner prepared at home but, in fact, I didn't really fancy any of it very much at all.  Another step along the road.
And dinner was worth the waiting.  It was lovely.

Now for today's food:
B:  overnight oats with yogurt and cinnamon and some fruit from the freezer
I know I sing the praises of frozen fruit from time to time but it really is a great help.  I'm not sure how it compares with fresh, price wise, but the fact is that you can have just a portion without then having the rest of the fruit to use up - and with larger fruits like pineapple, that makes a difference and makes it much more frugal.
SW:  the oats are my healthy extra B

L:  more of that lovely bacon and bean soup
I did make a lot - very economical, healthy and satisfying.
SW: free

D:  cheesy bacon, onion and potato bake, sprouts, tomatoes
This recipe looks scrummy and isn't shockingly expensive either.  I'll let you know but it's nothing unusual.  I'm sure many of you will have made something similar.
SW:  the cheese will be my healthy extra A

Ss:  Sadly - no, not sadly, but you know what I mean - a friend is coming round and I have promised her a mince pie.  Can I resist?  No probably not.  Thousands of syns!  I've tried to look it up but the SW site seems strangely silent.  If you just go with calories, I reckon it is eleven syns so manageable but only if I stop at one.  I can see I will need to freeze the rest pretty pronto!


  1. Oh dear, good luck with resisting more than one mince pie, Joy! It is Christmas, you know ;-) - well, ok, not yet but nearly!

    1. < grin > I think it'll be OK, Sooze. Once in the freezer, I know it will! We're both up early today!

  2. I LOVE a mince pie so this year I intend to wait as long as possible before making - actually, no - BUYING any. Not so difficult as husband and one daughter hate them and my other daughter/fellow mince pie lover has left home and won't be back until Christmas Eve. Your meal plans sound delicious, by the way!

  3. I do love a mince pie.....unfortunately. They're so expensive in syn-terms. Just not fIr, is it?