Wednesday 19 December 2018

Wednesday, 19-12-18

Good morning.
I'm continuing with my 'theme' of being pretty strict with myself this week.  That doesn't mean I'm not having much, goodness no!  I'm doing rather well, in fact, but I'm just being careful with what I have and it seems to be working.

Here's today's plans:
B:  poached egg on toast; orange
Nothing particularly special but I do like poached egg and it's filling as well as frugal.
SW:  half healthy extra B for the toast

L:  leek and potato soup, slice of bread, maybe a Mullerlight yogurt
Leftovers from yesterday's soup which was really delicious.  I have discovered that leek and potato soup is even nicer made with spring onion than ordinary onion.  I had some to use up yesterday so popped them into the soup and the difference was surprising.
SW:  free soup, the other half healthy extra B for the bread and one syn for the yogurt

D:  battered fish, mushy peas; maybe some fruit
Another from the Fakeaways recipe book so I'm hoping it's nice.  The mushy peas are from a tin, nothing special.
SW:  free although if I indulge in a bit of mayo on the fish, that's one syn per level tablespoon.

Ss:  milk (healthy extra A), fruit

Have a good day!


  1. Morning Joy

    I think by planning your meals each day/week, you eat sensibly and manage to rotate food that could otherwise be stuck in the freezer for too long. I'm sure we all have days where it all goes wrong from the moment you get out of bed - so be it! Tomorrow is another day. Planning your food/menu also helps with shopping, especially anything with a yellow sticker (always a treat).

    I made another batch of soup yesterday and just used the bouillon and didn't add any extra salt, and it's ok. I'll try and get a 150g Marigold low sodium and see how that is before purchasing a 1kg from Ama*on or Ebay. It'll certainly work out cheaper than buying a 150g from supermarket. I'm going to try doing leek/potato soup next. I'll look through your postings to see if you've given some advice.

    The sun is shining here (sorry to folks if the weather isn't so nice for them) and I'm off to have some soup.

    Have a good afternoon.


    1. For me, the big tip about leek and potato is that I boil the potatoes separate from the rest, zizz the rest, mash the potatoes well and mix them into the zizzed stuff. It stops the potatoes from going gloopy and makes a far nicer texture.

      I didn't realise you'd added stock and salt. I don't as most commercial stocks have salt in them as a preservative. I taste right at the end and add a wee bit more salt if needed but it usually isn't.

    2. Many thanks for the tip with the potatoes. Does it freeze ok?


    3. Yes, but when you thaw it, it looks weird until it gets to just under boiling when it suddenly all goes smooth. Just keep stirring it.