Saturday 29 December 2018

Saturday, 29-12-18

Good morning.

The meal round a friend's last night was absolutely delicious, really scrummy.  A bit naughty, sure, but I had a great time and my feet are back on the road again this morning.

The plans today are . . .
B:  poached egg on potato waffle with fried tomatoes
This should fill me up nicely and the tomatoes, which are getting squishy, do need using up quickly.
A quick and frugal way to cook frozen potato waffles - don't use oven heat, just use your toaster.  It takes a bit longer than toast but is much better than using your whole oven to bake just one waffle.
SW: two syns for the potato waffle (Morrisons)

L:  cheese, onion and cranberry toastie, side salad
I was going to have turkey with this but it's all been dealt with and in the freezer.  I've been craving a toastie so it's nice to be able to plan one in with extra cheese now that we can have two healthy extra As.  The side salad is a very simple one using salad veg bought for Christmas.
SW:  one and a half syns for a tbsp cranberry sauce, one and a half healthy extra As for 45g grated cheddar and a healthy extra B for the bread

D:  vegetable curry,
This will be a lovely big mixed one including potato, so no rice as well.  Still using the Christmas veg plus what's in the freezer and some pulses
SW:  If I use dried coconut milk powder, I will have to add syns - two tsp is three syns

Ss:  raw carrots, 125mls milk (the rest of the healthy extra A)

The above might all go to pot because I had the flu and pneumococcal jabs yesterday and have a bit of a reaction.  At worst, I'll eat less, but I bet the meds will sort me out!

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