Sunday 23 December 2018

Sunday, 23-12-18

Good morning.

Many thanks for the advice in the comments yesterday, they are much appreciated.  It's interesting that, since the whole gallbladder episode, I really can't stuff myself as I used to as well as not tolerating fatty foods.  It's a sort of built in brake and quite a useful one too.  I'm not sorry!

Today is Christmas Day!  Yes, it is here!  We're having Christmas Day here today and the gang in my home town are having it on Tuesday and I get two Christmas Days as a reward for doing two Christmas dinners!

So here's today's plans.  No SW counting today, I really can't work it all out!
B:  yogurt, apple and orange.
Start the day off right with a nice, light meal.

L:  a sort of buffet thing - ham, Delia's vegetarian sausage rolls (a family traditional favourite), salad, cheese, crisps - all of which I will enjoy a little but only a little.

D:  a pretty traditional dinner - turkey, pigs in blankets, stuffing, troasties, sprouts, sweet potato and roasted parsnips with the usual cranberry sauce and gravy, followed by mince pies, pudding, cheese and crackers.  Oh - and alcohol!  :-)
No, I won't have all of that, I shall pick and choose and generally enjoy it very much indeed.

Ss:  sticking to easy peelers as there's plenty and I so love them.  I never know if they are satsumas or clementines nowadays!

And I'm already planning SW friendly meals from the turkey leftovers!  Curry, hotpot, with pasta, on a jacket potato - oh, yum!

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